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November 2017

Since I lost the blog posts from between November 2017 – November 2019, I will put together posts with some of my favourite pictures from those 24 lost months. The past years were strange, I believed I was recovering from what I thought was a depression. Felt good every now and then, felt really shit inbetween, same recipe as since I was a kid, the worst parts were just more horrible than ever, I wanted to die. Literally.

So, I don’t mind those blog posts being gone, because I didn’t put much love into them. I stopped blogging 2.5 months ago, simply because I didn’t know why I would want to share anything here anymore. I will write more about this topic eventually, if there’s anything you want to ask, just do so. I’m not afraid of questions, but might not want to answer if it’s too sensitive/private etc.

The picture above is from a place in Kreuzberg where I went to make a pair of Wrist Worms and stay in my own thoughts for a while.

Coffee, a (digital) book and crochet. Three of the simple things I love.

While struggling with my own head, I took pictures of nice little things, like these curtains in a window in my neighbourhood. Always make me smile.

A great sign in Leipzig.

Beautiful windows that created good stories in my head.


  • sonrie
    February 4, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    glad you are back – you are one of the (photo) blogs I really look forward to! I recently returned to blogging more after quitting instagram. I missed the actual work of taking and uploading photos and writing something without seeking how many ‘likes’ I may receive. I find it is actually kind of nice to ‘slow down’ and blog…it’s just a different perspective again. Looking forward to reading your stories and seeing old photos.

    • Sandra Juto
      February 5, 2020 at 2:08 pm

      Hi there,
      maybe (hopefully) the blogs are for the introverts again, like they were in the beginning 😉 Quick and loud Instagram suits the extroverts better I guess. Just a theory I have. I really love the blog format, it’s like you say – slower and it gives a, for me, better way of telling stories <3


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