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March 2018

March 2018, what went on?

I tried to blog in a different way, writing down recipes and stuff. Didn’t feel comfortable, I think I lost myself in overthinking how I should take better pictures and improve the blog. Life experience says I make better stuff if I don’t think too much.

I have no idea where this is, Kreuzberg? Blurry time.

This is crystal clear though, did a fun job for a wallpaper company.

Before and after. Still love the result so much. My mum asked me Will you keep the wallpaper? and I answered Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the job.

It makes the dining corner so much warmer and softer.

Snow! Let’s see what this winter brings. I know I will get a lot of snow in Sweden soon!

Flowers for Johan on his birthday.

It seems like I was in Leipzig again, maybe it was on this trip the hotel nightmare happened? I can’t remember.

Boom, Johan’s parents arrived in Berlin! Always so much fun when they are here.

Johan’s mum said Sandra, look, it’s a Sandra picture in there! She knows me well.

We shared this meal at Wok Show, love that restaurant.

It started to finally look like spring, I remember it was still snowing from time to time.

Blossom and snow. Beautiful and melancholic. Like life.

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