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May 2018

Let’s have a look through pictures from May 2018.

Nice indian food somewhere in Prenzlauer Berg, don’t remember the name of the restaurant. This picture makes me a little sad; we tried so hard to go back to our way of living together. But trying to go back to something isn’t always working so well. Go forward instead. Scary and exciting at the same time.

Went to some galleries in Mitte during Pictoplasma.

A favourite sign.

Happy coffee at Happy Baristas with a friend. Nitro coffee FTW.

The beauty of Berlin, sometimes you get glimpses from the past like this.

Urban Spree, a Biergarten, gallery, artist studios, concert venue. All you need, right? Well, for food you need to go someplace else.

Our courtyard, never getting tired of the building in front of ours.

Got a fun job for a car company which included pictures of myself – was fun and something I’m not doing often. Those glasses just broke tonight (talking presence, February 2020). Had them for almost 10 years, time for a change (but first superglue will do for a while, currently looking for someone who wants to do a collaboration with me). What’s your favourite brand for glasses?

Johan took these pictures, by the way, thanks.

We also went to the Netherlands for a job I was doing, for the region Brabant. What a lovely place! If you go to the Netherlands, I highly recommend going someplace else than only staying in Amsterdam. This country has so much else to offer.

1990 Vegan Living in Friedrichshain invited me over for food, so delicious. Edit: do not go to this over-hyped place, it’s become very bad.

A café in Amsterdam we had a pitstop at between the airport and going south. What an exciting month, so many things happened and I got to see a country I had never visited before.


  • Alina
    February 14, 2020 at 7:59 am

    Marco Polo has some very nice glasses! Had two pairs in my life, both for a few years without breaking or anything (:


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