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A simple lunch at home

A simple lunch which makes you full and content: A slice of good sourdough bread, 2 semi soft boiled eggs, smoked fish roe spread or butter, a salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. Bought bread for a job I did the other day and since we don’t eat much bread in this house, I sliced it and put it in the freezer. Great to put in the toaster whenever the bread cravings knock on the door.

Thought I should say hi with some pictures from now and not just go through the old blog. Working on preparing blog posts for when I’m in Sweden, not going to bring my computer so if you want some real time updates, check my instagram. The stories will probably show a lot of snow and Elvis. My dad just sent me some sunny, snowy pictures. February is at its most brutal point weather-wise in Berlin and at its beauty peak up in the north.

I’m leaving tomorrow (Johan stays at home) and except for Elvis and snow, there will be a lot of sauna, semla, fish, a visit to northern Europe’s biggest waterfall, second hand with dad, fika, coffee, reading and picture taking. I will come back with pictures to show you next week, in the meantime you’ll get some older stuff to look at, ok?

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