One of the most beautiful things I know is iridescence. Happens in meat, in these balls, in cd’s, in pigeons etc etc. You know what I mean, read more about iridescence here. One of my Barbie dolls in the 1980s had an iridescent dress, I could stare at it for hours. Got one of these balls for my birthday from my sister. Got a second one on sale last week. Love how they change colours depending on the light outside.

A rainbow isn’t iridescent though, a rainbow is multicoloured. A few years ago, I stepped out of an airplane at Gardemoen (Oslo, Norway) and saw iridescent clouds for the first time, couldn’t believe my eyes.

What the balls look like when it’s darker outside. Iridescent eyes would be something? I got a third one, which I have transported to Sweden to give to my sister, I know we share the same love for iridescence.

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