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September 2018

September, how I love this month. Summer is almost over, still a bit warm, but the city starts to feel fresh again after a soggy, beer & weed smelling summer.

Made those beanies for the shop back then. They were so warm and soft, made with an alpaca/wool blend. Didn’t make any beanies this season. Maybe they could do a comeback next fall?

Hot summer evening in August, we went to Savignyplatz for excellent indian food at a place called Ashoka. Haven’t been back, maybe a date over there when I’m back from Sweden, Johan?

Rogacki, a place in Wilmersdorf where you get the feeling of time standing still. What is it? A place where you can get excellent food stuff.

Gotta love this sign, I love when businesses paint their signs directly on the wall. This one is spectacular, never seen anything like it with those colours and letters. Do you like it?

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