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November 2018

Oh dear, welcome to the Canary Islands. This is from Tenerife, I went there for a job and could bring Johan with me. Just like with Frankfurt, I got tons of pictures from this (very amazing) trip, which I never posted on the blog. My DSLR was about to die, so I only brought my phone and a disposable camera.

This is when we’re on our way to go back to Berlin.

And this is from when we had just arrived in La Palma.

Coca Cola looks amazing when the red is sunbleached. I once said no to a job for Coca Cola cause I thought my followers would be disappointed in me for collaborating with them, but come on, I drink their sugarfree stuff a few times a year and I’m not ashamed of it.

OK, so enough about that beverage (which didn’t pay me for this post in case anyone wondered). Stayed 4 days in La Palma, El Hierro and a quick visit in Tenerife, do you want to see more? It was super intense and such a good visit, especially El Hierro, a fabulous island.

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