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December 2018

In December 2018 I shared some pictures from La Palma, this was from the first evening. Being there in November made the whole winter more bearable, it was like some of the warmth and sun stayed in the system.

Salt production going on, how beautiful!

Johan being all matchy with his salmon sweater.

Rain, fog, sun, snorkling, you get everything on the Canary Islands. And the FOOD. OK, I should show you more pictures from those days, right?

Winter had arrived in Berlin. Dani made those beautiful cookies and I found this almost unworn expensive woolen coat on the street. Next to it was a cardigan with some moth holes in it, so I guess the owner paniced and threw out all her wool stuff. Thank you, it fits me perfectly and since then, I wear it every day when it’s cold enough.

My BFF Malin and I love this mirror for selfportraits, it’s at my neighbour bar with the great name Bier-Bar. The coffee is from a place in Victoriastadt which doesn’t have a geotag, love it!

Johan and I <3

We went to Charlottenburg, I had a job going on.

Made a pit-stop at a christmas market for bangers and kale. I was equipped with my new coat and new shoes. Ready to go celebrate Christmas in Sweden and meet ELVIS for the first time. Tonight (talking presence now) I’m coming back to Berlin after a week with my baby brother. This post is written in the past though, a week ago. Is this blog is turning into the TV-series Lost?

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