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Some proper winter

Hi, how was your weekend? Mine was good, been reading a lot and working. It took some days to feel at home again. It’s been raining a lot, what a difference a week in the snow makes – I don’t mind the rain at all, it makes me more creative. Have started making some new Buttcrack Characters if you remember those? Got some requests and your wish is my command.

These pictures are from one of the biggest rapids in Europe; Storforsen. I hadn’t been there since the 1990s and never before in winter. It was super cold, just look at Elvis below:

His beard was frosty. My toes were numb. Someone asked me on instagram how to keep your feet warm up there, I didn’t have a better answer than I borrowed winter shoes from my mother. I took one million pictures at this place. Nothing beats reality, all pictures look the same and seriously – how many pictures of snowy nature does one want to look at?

I love Elvis, I must admit that before knowing Elvis, I thought golden retrievers didn’t have much personality. Getting to know Elvis more and more, there is so much personality in him. And I don’t think all golden retrievers look the same anymore. Was I a dog racist before?

OK one more picture before we headed down to the local hotel for lunch buffet. Started with a hot fish soup to be warm again. Was such a lovely day. I still feel the cold in me, still hear the sound of walking in the very cold snow, you need to experience it to know how it sounds and feels. Didn’t get to see the northern lights this time, it’s been a while. Walking home from school as a kid in winter, the northern lights were a normal thing. I love how exotic this place has become to me, it’s special to visit and I will probably always feel pretty much at home up there although I (probably) don’t want to live there again.

Bought 6 new books, all by swedish authors, did you read anything good lately? I just finished Jag for ner till bror by Karin Smirnoff, a book which hopefully will be translated to english & german soon. It’s by far one of the greatest books I have ever read. It makes me grateful for having swedish as first language, her written language is just WOW.

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