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March 2019

March 2019. It was a very strange month – I think I was in a cloud of playing Ruzzle and feeling very very strange. I read at least 2 books a week. And didn’t work, I couldn’t work because I didn’t work. I was a bit of a zombie. But here are some pictures from February when we visited Johan’s parents. Very tasty and fresh salad.

Their kitchen, one of my favourite and most safe place to be.

Hello, Johan.

Johan, me and his mum aren’t much into desserts so this was just amazing. Blood oranges, raspberries and maracuja with the sweetness of a sugary sauce + meringues. Fresh, wonderful, has everything.

Back home, we had lunch at our favourite vietnamese. Unfortunately they closed because no one else found their way there. Now it’s another vietnamese with less good food.

I found this amazing plate for 50 cents.

Collected colour combinations through my camera, it’s one of the most inspiring things I know – to find colour combos and take pictures of them.

This place is beautiful, I so have to go there for a beer soon. Love Germany for the amazing non-alcoholic beers.

Another safe place, the café we go to several times a week.

Tiles of course.

This is from Johan’s birthday. At Dada Falafel, where we had lunch. Talking February 2020: My niece and her bf Jayden are here and we’ll probably end up at Dada Falafel for lunch today, yay!

I took Johan for a surprise day in the city, this is at the botanical gardens.

We walked over to Mexicoplatz where we found a beautiful old bar, it was warm enough to sit outside and have beers.

Food appetite went up after some coffee and we shared a Döner Kebap while walking down Hauptstrasse. Took the subway home and crashed in bed, ignoring the friends who wanted to meet and celebrate. Too much fresh air?

Johan writing signs for Gimme Gelato. 2020: The kids and I are heading over there to meet Johan soon for some gelato, can’t wait! I’ll bring my camera out on our adventures. They are staying here for a whole week, we plan to go to Potsdam, eat pizza at Il Ritrovo, have a dinner party tomorrow with stuff from the market at Boxi. Talk soon!

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