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Cherry, Postman & Elvis

Yesterday, I uploaded 3 more buttcrack characters to the shop. These are Cherry & Postman. Postman is already moving to Russia.

Here, Cherry & Postman are pictured with the new Elvis & Bobby from previous week. They are still fun to make, happy I took a 4 year break. They are a bit bigger now and have more different colours, I like them this new way, do you?

So, what’s up? Freaking out because of the corona virus? Last week when I went out to get some toilet paper, it was completely empty on the shelves. I found toilet paper in the 3rd store I went to. Oh well. I’m soon off to the shrink (check-up, I think the meds are starting to work) and then joining Johan to his surgery at the dentist. Really hoping we won’t get the virus, as freelancers without savings we can’t get sick. And people have it much worse. Stay well, friends!

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