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June 2019

Weee! My sister and my brother at our favourite place at Bergnäset, Luleå. Elvis is at his happiest when we’re there. Rolling around in the sand like a freak. He is a freak.

Visiting my dad’s summerhouse. Sandra, can we go swim?

Took some pictures of Primitiv Bar. Johan worked here when we had just moved to Berlin, one of my closest friends, Tenia, still works here. It’s a beautiful place in the daytime when it’s not too packed. If you like the night buzz and a packed bar, this is the place for you! I used to spend whole nights here when I was younger (haha).

The owner of the bar, Palina, is great at picking people for working behind the bar. A wonderful mix of people.

Can’t wait for balcony season. And for fixing up the balcony, it looks like it’s about to fall apart. From the outside, you see people looking up with fear, the balcony above us has been taken down because it wasn’t safe. Ours is, still.

From a hot summer walk.

Hello, sweet friends! Camilla, Björn & Johan.

We were in Kreuzberg strolling around and decided it was time to walk over to ours for some party. On the way, I was so into a conversation with Camilla (we were looking at a person playing loud music into the ear of a person puking, how thoughtful…), that I tripped over a stone cube and fell very hard. We had our party anyway.

Some more pictures from up north, where we had been to celebrate Thomas, my mum’s boyfriend, Elvis’s dad, in May.

We threw him a surprise party with sandwich cake.

Was so much fun to make and turned out delicious. I even wrote down the recipe and posted on the lost blog.

Did anyone save the recipe? I can’t find it. If someone has it, please leave it in the comments or email it to [email protected]. Thanks so much! <3


  • Maarja
    March 10, 2020 at 9:28 am

    Hi, I actually still see your old posts in my Feedly and managed to copy and past this:


    Serves 8-10 people
    No need to follow the instructions super carefully, you can make changes depending on what you find in the stores.

    Takes 1.5 – 3 hours to make depending on how many and how quick you are. We were in a hurry, I recommend taking more time – it’s quite meditative and you should make sure to eat a bit of this and that while making it.

    3 layers of toast bread (trim the crust of the toast bread) with 2 fillings.
    I used 4×2 pieces of toast bread on 3 layers = a total of 24 toast breads.

    Spread 1:
    200 grams Smoked ham
    200 grams Creme fraiche
    200 grams Cream cheese
    A few Cornichons
    2 Spring onions
    (Chop and mix everything together)

    Spread 2:
    200 grams Crayfish
    100 grams Shrimps
    200 grams Creme Fraiche
    200 grams Cream Cheese
    A bunch of Chives
    A bunch of Dill
    Hot sauce to taste
    Lemon to taste
    (Chop and mix everything together)

    500 grams whipped cream
    4-5 tablespoons Kalles Kaviar (a smoked roe you use as spread on sandwiches, which you can find in IKEA – if you can’t find it, don’t worry, just add some salt to the whipped cream).
    (Mix them together)

    Place 4×2 toast breads on a big plate or baking tin. Put spread 1 on the toast breads. Then put 4×2 toast breads on top of spread 1 and and add spread 2. Put 4×2 toast breads on top of spread 2 and then cover the cake (top and sides) with the cover.

    Preferably let it soak for some hours (or over night) covered with plastic foil before decorating. It’s OK to make the whole thing at once, it will still taste amazing. It always tastes a bit better the next day, though.

    Top with whatever you like, the more the merrier.

    Toppings (suggestions):
    Salmon (preferably cured, smoked works as well)
    Edible flowers
    Rocket salad

    Toppings are hard to estimate when it comes to how much, it all depends on if you want to make a minimalistic looking cake or an over-the-top looking cake. Image search for “smörgåstårta” or “sandwich cake” online for inspiration.

    • Sandra
      March 10, 2020 at 11:55 am

      Maarja, you’re the best! Thank you!!


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