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August 2019

Pictures from childhood places, shot in LuleĆ„ in July 2019. Didn’t post much more than these in August last year, so here they are. I love the colours in them. Pictures of places that were big parts of my childhood & youth, also a bit scary. Like those stairs. They were in a part of the “ghetto” where I grew up, it’s called Tuna and was on everyones lips when talking about the bad parts of town. Oh, so you’re at Tunaskolan (the name of our school), judgemental eyes. Tuna was treated almost like the Covid-19, no kidding, yes kidding, no kidding, yes, no, yes, no. Sorry guys, in difficult times I have to joke about stuff. It’s the only way for me to handle a crisis. There you have it. I mean no offense.

I hope everyone is doing well, treating eachother well, think well of eachother, avoid judging other people’s decisions about how to handle it, we all have different ways. When the terrorist attack happened at the Christmas market here in Berlin, I remember an angry chick loudly complain about having to walk a few extra meters to work because of barriers around the area. I almost wanted to punch her face, but this is how some people handle fear, it’s a way for them to distance themselves from dealing with traumas (like me, my way is to do it with my dark & dry sense of humour) and we don’t know what they have been through in life before. So no punching in the face happened, it gave me perspective instead. Be kind. Don’t buy all the toilet paper though, please.

So who would have thought this post would become a way of talking about the past and the current situation. There used to be a container in that concrete thing, where we used to dig for treasures. Now we hardly touch anything outside of our houses.

Childhood pizza. The restaurants in Berlin are only allowed to be open from 6am to 6pm right now, I guess they will have to close completely soon? Interesting times, how do you handle the situation? I’ll write more about how I do it soon.

Stay safe.


  • Cynthia
    March 17, 2020 at 3:23 pm

    Coping by reading, listening to music, tending plants still overwintering in the basement, doing jigsaw puzzles, taking a walk, emailing or phoning friends and family. Staying in is easier for an introvert like me. Stay safe, Sandra.

    • Sandra
      March 18, 2020 at 5:13 pm

      Sounds lovely, I’m a fellow introvert, so these times are not much different from my regular life. Hope you and yours are safe. Sandra xo


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