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September 2019

A revisit in time before the virus. BC. Johan had made the Tucker bar logo and they opened, lovely café. Now it’s closed, like so many others (only choice, we need to avoid as much social contact as possible). Will head over to Happy Baristas soon, they have a small egg and coffee beans shop set up for 2 hours this morning. 600 organic eggs need to find new homes because the café closed. I love eggs, do you have a favourite egg dish? My sister recommended eggs and cottage cheese which you mix and then put whatever you want inside, in the oven for 25-30 minutes and bam, you have a super simple and pretty healthy thing (depends on your extra ingredients) to stuff your mouth with. Sounds great, gonna try! With some cheese rich in flavour of course.

A sunny morning at Tucker, this was just so great! Poached eggs, avocado, feta cheese etc etc. Hope all cafés, restaurants, bars, independent shops survive this crisis.

One of those morning meetings in our favourite place, not going there for the coffee’s excellent taste (it varies to the extreme) but for the village feeling. Nodding at other regulars, we get our space to talk about work, on low volume cause I don’t want other people to be disturbed by work talk. It’s a café, not an office.

This is Cuglieri, Sardinia, where Johan’s parents invited us to join them in September. We were welcomed at our airbnb with the local sardi bread, cheese, wonderful olive oil & bubbles. What a great start to wonderful days. I have lots of pictures I never shared. Will look them up on my backup, as well as pictures from Sweden, Frankfurt & The Canary Islands. Let’s do some traveling together, OK? It’s totally fine to daydream, otherwise we will go insane, right?

I’ve been making a lot of buttcracks lately, you find them all here, I guess it’s my 80% introvert who finds it superhard to market myself but the other 20% now scream How else are you going to survive? Before knowing how massive this C thing would become, I started to make guided tours around the neighbourhood with the buttcracks, from now on most of the tours will be from home, maybe I go out with one on a super early morning. Check out my instagram highlight (you find it on my profile page) called “Buttcrack Tours”. It’s so much fun doing them!

We do what we have to do to survive, in our part of the world money is just necessary, it’s what we’ve agreed on to be able to live in a big city. I make woolen friends (yay, I can socialize without getting sick or making them sick), someone else buys all the toilet paper for their earned money. Maybe one day soon I’ll have to trade a woolen butt for butt paper?

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