Let’s go to Frankfurt am Main

In Germany, there are 2 Frankfurts. Frankfurt am Main which is the famous one and Frankfurt an der Oder, which is situated on the border to Poland. Let’s travel to Frankfurt am Main together. I went there in October 2018 and posted almost no pictures from that trip. All are shot with my old iPhone, my DSLR was on the verge to die, so I stopped bringing it with me. We had sushi at SuperKato, a place we stumbled upon and had a good feeling about. One of the tastiest sushi I ever had. We arrived early on a Friday.

After the sushi, we went to Souper/Place To Be, a café and a bar run by Daniela, a friend of a friend. Lovely place. I had for real ONLY heard negative things about Frankfurt before. So happy to experience the city and form my own opinion.

Yours truly looking pregnant/fat.

Johan, let’s go have dinner at the place I made a reservation!

We walked towards a restaurant, I don’t remember its name, cause it wasn’t wow-yay, but decent as you can see. The tastiest we had there was champagne, after having wine at a friday evening market around the corner from the restaurant. Back at the hotel, I made sure not to block the door in case of sleepwalking.

Saturday morning, second day in Frankfurt. The colours of that building to the left; the salmon pink windows! Lots of skyscrapers in this bank capitol.

Happiest pizza oven you’ve ever seen, right? Pizza was delicious. Do you eat a whole pizza? I would probably die if I did, happy Johan is the same, so we always share. I really don’t like the feeling of food coma.

After pizza – coffee! We walked past this place, Tumult, and went inside. Delicous.

Some touristy stuff. Beautiful.

Two muppets in Frankfurt.

Had some greek snacks in the afternoon.

Back at Place To Be for a couple of cocktails. I had an Aviation, I just love crème de violette in drinks. Gotta buy some and make non-alcoholic drinks for the balcony as soon as it gets warmer.

Early Sunday morning in Frankfurt. We went for a walk before heading back to the hotel for breakfast, none of us usually eats breakfast, so we figured a walk would do the trick.

Started with coffee and a chocolate croissant and some yogurt.

And this.

Then long showers and some rest before hitting the city again to discover some more places before heading back home. Look at this café with furniture out in the park.

Just love.

Found beautiful rundown buildings, Frankfurt is not just about skyscrapers and fancy bullshit shops.

We went to a Kneipe and had some Apfelwein. I’ve always been obsessed with green buildings.

Pitstop for thai food before heading back to the hotel to get our stuff to go home again. Oh, one more thing – the water in Frankfurt! Never had such soft hair ever, not even in Sweden. Well maybe at my grandparents whose taps were directly connected to a spring. Imagine drinking silk (that’s how I feel these days when drinking tap water in Sweden).

Time for farewell. It’s already been such a long time we were there. Would love to visit again. Glad I could do it through these pictures. Did you ever visit Frankfurt?


  • Carroll
    March 24, 2020 at 5:50 pm

    I was born there! My mother grew up there and met an american soldier there, thus I came to be. Spent seveeral years there and in Northern Germany as a child. Back and forth like a military family does. Sachsenhausen… The Smell Of Frankfurt for me was telephone poles, I still like to sniff them now. Now my older son lives in Darmstadt, nearby.

    • Sandra
      March 25, 2020 at 9:41 am

      Telephone poles, wow! Pretty cool 🙂

  • Cecilia
    March 24, 2020 at 7:57 pm

    Tog mig många år att uppskatta stan. Är där varje år i oktober på bokmässa. Men nu gillar jag den. Det är något knäppt med de stora kontrasterna mellan de blanka skyskraporna och de slitna husen i Sachsenhausen till exempel. Och i höstas hittade vi ett superschysst ölställe med otroliga flammküchen!

  • Awfulknitter
    April 9, 2020 at 10:24 am

    I visited Franfurt a few years back. Really liked the Apfelwein, and there were some really good museums too – very quiet, we were getting really close to a Van Gogh and the security guard came up to tell us to back off!

    I love taking virtual trips with you.

    • Sandra
      April 13, 2020 at 8:27 am

      Haha, the germans really love to tell others what to do, it’s something I’ve really noticed when I moved here. It’s a guard’s job of course, but the thought just popped up now 😉 Apfelwein, yum!


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