Opposite of home

Let’s snoop around in the building opposite side of ours. The one we see from our kitchen window, a view I have posted several times, remember?

Let’s go inside.

Pretty similar to our staircase, just a little more simple and more narrow.

Look, our kitchen window.

Still beautiful old glass left. What’s behind the door to the left?

An abandoned toilet. Some people still have their toilets in the staircase, luckily we don’t.

Our toilet window is next to the kitchen window. The top right one, the one below is for our storage room. Neighbour’s toilet are the two small windows to the left. Love how it looks like a regular window although there are 3 different rooms behind them.

I added more buttcrack characters to the shop the other day, many sold out quickly but there are still some left. So happy they are being so loved <3

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