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Lockdown food

Welcome to our dining table. This is where I spend a lot of time these days. The kitchen faces the courtyard, so it’s very peaceful compared to the other rooms facing one of Berlin’s busiest street (which I also love; the buzz, the noise, the feeling of being more alive and part of something from a distance). Let’s have a look at some of what I’ve been eating lately:

Baked some bread, the stores didn’t have any dry yeast for 5-6 weeks, so I tried with regular yeast – the result wasn’t as good (yesterday I got my hands on dry yeast, yay!) as usual, but it tasted well anyway. A bit too hard eggs, but still tasty as well. I love egg sandwich, with lots of butter.

And a fresh salad with pecorino & olive oil. Plus smoked roe spread of course, Swede as I am.

The always standard pasta with tomato sauce & mozzarella – something we eat for lunch 2-3 times a week.

My best food friend.

The other night I made something that would resemble palak paneer, but with ingredients I had at home and halloumi instead of paneer. Tasted very well. Sorry for not sharing the recipes – I don’t have any. I just go with the flow depending on what’s in the kitchen.

The evening light in the kitchen is just amazing and a bit harsh.

This was yesterday’s lunch; a pretty dull sauce I made from broccoli, spring onions, kale & spinach + lots of garlic and a bit of creme fraiche. Put some melty, stinky, French cheese on top which saved the dish. It’ll be today’s lunch as well, gonna put more cayenne in it and some olive oil.

I heard the restaurants are opening on May 15th in Berlin. Can’t wait to have some really good Vietnamese. What’s the first thing you’re going to have after the lockdown??

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