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A few old buildings left

Hello friends, are you interested in architecture? I’m obsessed. When I grew up, unfortunately most old buildings had burnt down or been torn down in the 60s and 70s. Here are a few of the old buildings. You can see in the surrounding buildings that the new ones don’t look very good. They are built to be practical and stay warm in the winter.

Growing up, I was completely obsessed with this building. I understand why, I can’t stop looking at it every time I pass by. When I was 9, we swapped places with 3 different families and one of the families moved into this building and I was so sad that I never got to see their flat. In my imagination, high ceilings and tiled stoves were something only rich people in big cities had, and the people living in this building.

One old building I had access to, was this. The cathedral of Luleå, opened in 1893. My dad worked there until recently and last Summer, I finally got to walk up to the clock and see the city from above. Afraid of heights as I am, my legs were shaking, I almost threw up and sweated like a fountain. It was beautiful though and I’m so happy I went up. Could do it again, less afraid I guess.

The architectual style is gothic revival, it’s a pretty young church as the 2 previous ones burned down.

This building used to be a warehouse and in the 1990s it turned into flats, another building I would have loved to see the interior of. Before they turned it into 1990s flats though.

An example of Luleå architecture that I’m not very fond of. I grew up in buildings which looked pretty much the same as the ones in the million programme, which I guess is one of the reasons why I dreamed of older and more beautiful buildings. We used to go to Stockholm in the summers and me and my dad always had our eyes lifted to admire all the beautiful old facades. So thankful for living in a flat with 3.5meters ceiling height, old floors, old art nouveau details left, double doors. Maybe not super thankful for the coal heating, but there’s nothing I can do about it as it is now.

See you soon!

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