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For all Elvis fans

More Luleå, Sweden, February pictures. OK? Last walk with Elvis before heading home. He looks so melancholic, apparently I have a thing for melancholic looking men, dogs included.

Waiting patiently for me and Thomas to get dressed. Thomas is Elvis’s dad and my kind-of dad (mum’s partner).

This is one of few buildings abandoned in Luleå.

Reminds me of childhood and youth, biking around the whole city like a maniac searching for something to do.

Hey, dad! It’s time to comb my hair! Love how they have their routines.

Mmm, I love you, dad!

Give me that treat and I will love you even more. God, Elvis, you know what you want.

And the obligatory roll. Thomas told me that the day before, on this spot, he saw something in the forest and was worried it was a person lying there dead. All of a sudden it started to move and it was a moose mum with 2 kids and… It was time to run. Moose mums with kids can get very aggressive.

Admiring Thomas’s friend’s paint work.

Passing by Thomas’s old school.

On the way back home, Elvis always wants to carry something to the door; his leash or a hat or a glove. Being so proud about it, it’s so amazingly cute. Sometimes I feel sorry for dogs, being prisoners of humans, but at the same time – as long as you interact, give them things to do, take them out for long walks – they are happy and they bring you happiness.


  • Alexandra
    May 14, 2020 at 8:20 am

    What a wonderful dog! I am certain he leads a very happy life in Sweden! We have a friend living with us for a while and our dog is so in love with her! He patiently waits for her to wake up, makes no noise. He sits with her while she is working, while she is on the phone, drinking coffee… Luckily she loves animals and very much appreciate his company.
    As she is going through some tough times at the moment he is doing a great dog-therapy and I love to see them both so happy together!

    • Sandra
      May 18, 2020 at 8:17 am

      So sweet of him to take such good care of her, dogs are the best! <3


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