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Berlin October 2006

First time I was in Berlin was in 2002. Then I went back in 2005 with my ex, it was very difficult as we were not far away from divorcing, I had just realized I had fallen in love with Johan and it was all so extremely hard to handle. I walked around Berlin mostly crying and feeling like shit for hurting someone I had loved so much for so many years. Johan and I spent NYE 2005/2006 in Berlin together and our second trip together was in October 2006. Here are some pictures from that time. We mostly hung out in Mitte & Friedrichshain.

I think this is at Linienstrasse.

This as well.

Tacheles, a good old art center at Oranienburger Strasse, Mitte. It was devastating for a lot of people & for Berlin when they shut it down.

Interior from Tacheles.

We met up with a friend and he took this picture of us. So young and we had just been a couple for a bit more than 1 year. This September we celebrate 15 years together.

How amazing is this?

Friedrichshain, had no idea this would turn out to be one of my favourite caf├ęs now that I live here. And apparently I moved into a building on Warschauer Strasse, just one block from where we live now.

Boxhagener Strasse.

Simon-Dach-Strasse when there were still rundown buildings there. The contrast between these two buildings is so beautiful and melancholic.

Copenhagen airport.

In November 2007, we were back again. Do you want to see pictures from that visit as well?

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