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La Palma

This trip was an invitation from Canary Islands.

Well hello there, cheese. In November 2018, we were invited to go to the Canary Islands for a press trip. I could choose islands, so I chose La Palma and El Hierro (which I had never heard of before and that made me extra interested, will show you pictures from that island later). I did my job and posted on my instagram, but I never posted a lot of the pictures on the blog. I brought 2 disposable cameras (from which I have posted pictures) and took the rest with my old iphone. Let’s have a look at them. The first thing we did, was going to a supermarket and check out the cheeses.

Got some snacks for the hotel room where we had a couple of hours to relax before the very intense schedule started.

After the supermarket, we went to a café with this view.

What a great start!

Had planned to bring some cutlery but we were traveling with handluggage. Inspired by my mum’s partner, I used my drivers license as a knife, worked as a charm on cheese but not on the tomato obvs.

We took a stroll in the hotel area (an all inclusive facility) with a breathtaking view.

In the evening, it was time to visit Salinas de Fuencaliente, how beautiful is this? Salt mine at the south end of La Palma.

Salt, not snow.

They served a several course dinner with their different salts. What an experience.

Local duck. We looked at Saturn and tasted great wines before heading back to the hotel for well needed sleep.

The next morning, we went to the middle of the island.

To Los Llanos.

To visit a silk museum, now we know where Johan got his hair from.

Lunch was served at Bodegon Tamanca.

Papas arrugadas con mojo, smoked goats cheese, blood sausage etc etc. There was massive amounts of meat as well. Our guides told us about Santa Cruz de la Palma and Johan and I really wanted to go there.

This is Santa Cruz de la Palma, a very beautiful and photogenic town. It was raining, but who cares when it’s so beautiful? It was November after all.

Looks a tiny bit like Havana?

In the evening, we went to a bodega to taste some wines, but I started to feel a bit nauseous so I went back to the hotel, where I did my instagram work. Johan told me it was a very nice evening.

Do you see the island on the other side of the sea? That’s El Hierro, where we were heading the next morning.

I kept myself busy making a hat on the plane. Next up: El Hierro.

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