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El Hierro

This trip was an invitation from Canary Islands.

Good morning, El Hierro. When we landed, we went straight to the hotel in Frontera.

This is El Sitio, located in the mountains of Frontera, the little building with the two windows to the right was where we stayed.

So lush. Johan is walking down the stairs from our hut.

We started the journey at a pineapple field. Did you know they grow like this? I saw it just a few years ago online.

Johan, pineapple man, me, our guide Sabine and José, one of the guys from the agency that invited us.

I guess I’ll never taste a pineapple like this again?

The field was right next to the sea.

We also visited a banana farm, it was amazing. Even Johan who doesn’t like banana had a couple on the islands, that’s how tasty they were.

When it was time for lunch, we passed by this building. I wanted to move in.

The fog, so photogenic. It was quite windy, still warm winds in November.

Lunch at Hotel Balneario, this cheese soup was my appetizer and I’ll never forget how good it was.

Papas arrugadas with mojo, dorada & gofio.

Yours truly and a glass of wine.

Fika, well coffee and sweets in English.

La Bodega de Maruca y Herminio was our next destination, a winery in the mountains.

I made some cat friends. Look at the view from this bodega.

We picked some pomegranate behind these plants.

José told us these clams are extremely delicious. Made me super curious of course as I love seafood.

We had some smoked goats cheese to go with the amazing wine they were making. They only make one kind and it’s stored in a barrel several hundeds of years old.

Just look at it.

Can’t believe this happened for real.

Well hello there, friend.

After a little break at the hotel, we went to the restaurant Mirador de La Peña.

José, Johan and Carolina. None of us are big eaters, so we asked the restaurant to make the portions smaller after our binge eating earlier. Johan’s comment on this picture is God, I look like I’m from Stockholm. LOL.

Different kinds of the local smoked goats cheese. Everytime there is cheese on the menu, I order it. After a long dinner with beautiful conversations, it was time to crash in bed.

And wake up to this. Our terrace was beautiful, imagine reading books there.

Our place and the view from it.

We crossed the whole island to go snorkling. The island has many different climates. Here it was about 5 degrees celsius, at the highest point of the island.

Hi gang!

It was time to drive to some other places before hopping on a little boat.

Yo, Mary! Still a virgin?

Great toilets, right?

We hung out at some rocks before heading down to the town La Restinga.

Beautiful facades.

This sign caught my eye, but we weren’t in Spain to eat italian food 😉

It was 24 degrees celsius, so great to go from 5 to 24 in just an hour.

It was Johan, José, me & Paloma.

Time to go snorkling. It took a while to get used to the flippers. I’m a pretty OK swimmer and it was extremely large waves, so I had to be David Hasselhoff and rescue my husband Pamela Anderson.

Exhausted person.

Exhausted person again.

We were starving after the bipolar adventure and had lunch at El Refugio – this was the greatest meal of the whole trip, exactly what we had looked forward to – super fresh seafood and fish in a rough looking place.

Carolina and José listening to our guide Sabine’s amazing stories about the island. She’s German and has lived on the island for many years and used to have a goat farm making goats cheese.

Grilled limpets, these are the shells I showed you earlier. Have you evern seen anything this beautiful before?

Gofio, a special Canarian thing which is… Let’s say not the yummiest part of the Canarian kitchen. Still OK, especially with the red onion and garlic.

Freshest fish you can imagine.

This is at the hotel’s garden, we hung out for a while on our terrace drinking some sparkles, looking at the view, just trying to be mindful. Even though it was a 4 day trip in total, it’s going to stay with me until I die.

When it got dark, we went to Hotel Puntagrande for dinner. It was an out of this world experience. I met Duquesa and we spoke some Spanish with eachother. I guess my Spanish is on bird level.

My appetizer was cheeses in different stages and Johan had bonemarrow which at first seemed a bit grotesque, but we were all going crazy about the flavours. An umami bomb.

Our table with the wonderful women who had put together all the places we had visited, was so happy to meet them and talk about all the great things we had experienced.

I know it’s a lot of WOW, this is the tastiest etc, BUT come on, this octopus!! Never tasted octopus like this before.

I ordered some lamb, which also was great, but the octopus won.

The next morning we jumped on a plane to Tenerife, where a plane would take us back to Berlin. We had some unscheduled times to kill, so Johan and I enjoyed a mini vacation in La Laguna. I really really really want to visit El Hierro again, what a place. Have you been?


  • jena gautherot
    June 4, 2020 at 12:44 am

    Holy moly that place looks incredible! The food too (cheeese!), and that magical El Sitio hotel..such beautiful photos, thank you. I feel like I just took a little vacation myself.
    I have never been to the Canary Islands but on my list now.

    • Sandra
      June 5, 2020 at 5:12 pm

      I highly recommend El Hierro, preferably with a car as it’s very remote. Hope you can go one day <3


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