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I love you, Sardinia

Let’s have a look at the last pictures from Sardinia in September 2019. This was the view from the house we stayed in together with the rest of Johan’s part of our family. See that green building to the right? Let me tell you more about it later.

We brought a bottle of one of our favourite champagnes to celebrate Johan’s parents being married for 35 years, one of the reasons we went to Sardinia. The other was Johan’s dad turning 60.

When it got late, we went out looking for pizza and found this place. Super delicious.

Woke up to the same view in a different light.

Passed by that green building when the bar was closed.

Next time we passed by, the bar was open, we met this dog and later on his dad. He wanted to have a drink with us, but we had to andiamo to meet la famiglia. Everytime he saw us he shouted Biondo e Francesca, beviamo insieme! or something like that. I don’t know why my name was Francesca.

Too beautiful to comment.

Where we stayed.

The sunbleached colours are always so smashing around the Mediterranean Sea.

Sardinian fregola and seafood at a restaurant we went to on our second evening.

On Saturday, there was a market, like at home. Our Cuglieri Boxi was waiting.

Bought some nougat which was as tasty as beautiful.

Bought some super fresh fish.

Later on we went to Bosa and to make sure people wouldn’t get hangry, we ended up at a tourist trap with sausage on the pizza. Not the best food experience, but happy to sit down and chat. And that beer is great.

Bosa was very picturesque, I didn’t bring my big camera though unfortunately.

In the evening it was time to grill those beauties. They were so so so so soooo good.

Hej morsan! After dinner Johan, me and his dad were in the mood so we through a massive party playing old disco songs dancing. I forgot to drink water, so I spent half of the Sunday in bed, amateur.

Met up with Johan who had walked up to the cathedral while I was sleeping.

We bumped into dad on the street.

Next day it was time to go to the sea for a swim. No doubt who’s Johan’s mother.

Went for several swims. And then to a Conad to get stuff to eat in the evening.

Massive burrate and radicchio.

None of us (!) had eaten deepfried zucchini flowers before. They were very tasty.

Uh oh, our last morning in Cuglieri. Johan and I went out for our morning walk.

Let me take a picture of us the way I used to do in Gothenburg.

The colours.

Wanted to move into this building.

Tramezzini & espressi.

Such lovely beans.

We passed by this place and were in the mood for a Shandy. And gelato.

It was already very hot and still fresh cause it was September.

This person is not as fond of posing for pictures as he was when he was younger.

Outside of Cuglieri we found a spring with delicious water.

There was one bar I still hadn’t been to, so we had our last coffees there.

Can’t be better.

Mussolini quote…

We had this bathtub in our house and I never took the time to take a bath in it. Red as a lobster Sandra, always looking supermodel in pictures.

Time to take farewell of our friend. It was hard to leave, I promised him I will come back.

In Olbia we took 10 minutes in this bar to have a glass of local bitter.

And snacks.


    June 5, 2020 at 10:54 am

    That’s nicer than Canary Islands. Distillati e liquori dal mondo, my favourite! 😉

    • Sandra
      June 5, 2020 at 5:13 pm

      I’d say El Hierro and Sardinia are almost on the same level 😉

  • ktinka
    June 5, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    I only know the northern part of the island, but Calgiari looks wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing your impressions, so good for a short break from the office work.
    Also, the beer from Sardegna is so good <3

    • Sandra
      June 5, 2020 at 5:14 pm

      Oh, this is more in the northern parts. Many people mix up Cagliari and Cuglieri, I heard the south is more schickimicki, not my taste 😉
      Big hugs from me and Berlin <3


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