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Week 23 through the phone

Hi there! How was your week? The world is on fire and it’s about time this all happens. It’s difficult to know what’s OK or not to post online during these times. I try to think about it this way, it’s not an excuse, more an explanation: In my instagram stories, I have shared voices of the black community (probably not enough, it can’t be enough), and I have chosen to share my own work too, sorry if anyone got offended by this. I work online and I guess everyone who works offline have still been going to their workplaces. Let the fight continue, it was not just about Tuesday.

So, let’s have a look at my simple life through the phone this week. It started with my friend Giannis’s birthday, which we celebrated in the park. Took the public transport for the first time in 3 months as I had sprained my ankle (healed extremely quickly).

On Tuesday, we worked and ate well. The standard pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella for lunch and finally some vietnamese food outdoors at a restaurant talking away the evening about everything that’s going on.

On our way home, we passed by this church on Rigaer Strasse, which has an interesting placement of the clock. A squat always covered with important messages.

On Wednesday, I joined Johan and Andrew for a quick beer and then met up with some friends for nice chats.

Thursday started with cappuccino and tramezzini, then work and tacos in the evening.

Friday I was served coffee in bed, listed these prints in the shop and…

…walked to Modulor to get shipping material for the prints. Thanks a lot for your orders, 3 of them are already sold out.

Johan had written some new signs for Primitiv Bar (where he used to work the first year we lived here).

Got a roll from Mustafas Gemüsekebab in the evening to share. On Saturday, my mum sent me a picture of birthday boy Elvis, now 12 years old! He was pretty ill last weekend and could hardly walk, we cried a bit and thought it was the end of Elvis, but he recovered, phew.

Made my standard pasta again (we eat it several times a week) and our friend Dimitra came by with a print she made.

Emptying the fridge today, I made this chickpea, caper, parsley, pickled red onion-thing. Went out for a walk and saw that Elvis had written me a message on the street.

Berghain has covered their door in black fabric. And I am going to spend the rest of this Sunday painting, reading, fixing stuff at home and go to bed early. Need to get into routines again; get up early, do yoga and then get work done. Thinking about printing some pictures really high quality in larger scale and list in the shop. Would you be interested? If so, is there a particular picture you like extra much? Would be super happy to get your input. Thank you and enjoy your Sundays <3


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