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The buttcrack characters sold out the other day and when I was about to make new ones, I found 4 unfinished bodies in my yarn boxes, yay! I also made 3 more naked ones. They are a bit embarrassing, didn’t mean to make them look this happy.

But they can’t help it. Spring & Winter to the left. Zanzibar, Zante & Sylt to the right.

These are Summer and Autumn, a little more well behaved.

How was your week? I’ve been busy crocheting again, taking a break from painting. Was supposed to do another kind of job today, but it was postponed due to thunderstorms. Hopefully it’s going to work out beginning of next week. Friday again already, I can really hear it through my window – the Berliners are back to partylife. Woke up at 3.30 am this morning from people shouting on the street. Cheers!

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