Week 27 through the phone

What a week, I didn’t spend much time at the computer as you might have noticed. I think I took some kind of staycation and spent time with friends instead of working too much, it was just too hot.

Monday started with catching up on emails and going through the fridge to make a quick pasta out of veggies that were about to die. A coffee in the rain with Johan.

On Monday evening, we took a walk around the neighbourhood. Tuesday’s morning coffee to the left. I’m happy the sun leaves the balcony around noon.

On Tuesday I was making some buttcrack characters and passed by this message at Urban Spree on my way to Potsdamer Platz for a job.

Bibimbap from Sonkitchen and gelato from Gimme Gelato, more food on this instagram post. Yum!

When I came back from Friedrichshain, Johan and Andrew texted me We’ve finished our presentation, come celebrate with us! Johan’s outfit, an excuse not to wear shorts I guess (he hates shorts). Found this new Kuemmerling which matched Andrew’s shirt.

On Wednesday I did some work and went to Primitiv Bar in the afternoon to hang out with friends for a couple of beers. Thursday, I was working and being obsessed with the FotoApp.

Friday afternoon, we went to Hirsch for a couple of beers.

Saturday evening, I had a spa, was dead tired and went to bed to read when I saw Allison posting a picture of red wine. It made me get out of bed and walk over to the bar she was at. When they asked me if I wanted to have another glass at their place, I got too inspired by Charlie the dog and fell asleep on their couch.

Sunday morning, I walked towards home and stopped at Fine Bagels for a flat white and then tricked Johan to join me at La Tazza for a cappuccino.

Wasn’t a productive day yesterday, took a picture of someone else’s breakfast at our doorstep (usually it’s much more shit there), made mapo tofu, went to bed and right as I was about to fall asleep, everything was pink. A double rainbow, the most intense colours I’ve ever seen. A great end to the not so productive week. This week won’t be too hot, so maybe brain will function again. Can you work when it’s hot hot hot? Air condition would be nice.


  • ktinka
    July 6, 2020 at 11:26 am

    Haha, at first I thought the cups on the table in the third photo were some sort of HUGE sunglasses. And after following your week in this post, I now do crave some sort of “Berlin-staycation”, too.


    • Sandra
      July 15, 2020 at 12:21 pm

      Haha the sunglasses, great! xo


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