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Week 28 through the phone

So, another week has passed and I only shot pictures with my phone, so let’s have a look at what I did last week. Monday started with me feeling very strange. Had a pasta for lunch and met up with my friend Tenia who bought a buttcrack character for a friend’s baby.

I took a walk and found these trumpet like flowers. Went home and slept for many many hours. After checking my calendar I realised it was PMS time, so all I could do was surrender. In the evening we had a beer in the sunset at Bier-Bar before crashing in bed, both of us. Johan is working more than ever, today he has a presentation and has been working until the early mornings for too long now.

On Tuesday, we went to Alt-Mariendorf to shoot product pictures for Sumolight.

All of a sudden we got a text message from our friend Ioannis the chef Hey, since you’re my best friends, come over to the new restaurant for a menu tasting. The restaurant is located opposite side of Volksb├╝hne and is called Messer, Johan made the logo. Will show you eventually, it’s not online yet.

We tried never ending great wines and ate the most delicious oysters I ever had in Berlin.

Salmon and romain lettuce with tofu etc. The food was among the greatest food I have ever tasted.

The chef. On Wednesday, we woke up a little bit hungover so I went out to get a pizza from Ritrovo. To me, a pizza box is the symbol of happiness.

Pizza funghi, probably my favourite pizza in the end. I headed over to Kreuzberg to get some sheets of paper for the restaurant’s menus, at Modulor. Been working as an assistant for Johan lately as he has no time to run around town to get stuff he needs.

It was a lovely walk along Oranienstrasse.

Made a quick stop at Markthalle IV. In the evening it was time for a relaxing beer before bed.

Wasn’t sure if I would post this picture of Johan, it’s maybe a bit too personal, but it’s also too beautiful not to show. On Thursday I went to Hangmee for lunch with Laura.

This demo made the street look more normal since Covid-19 came to town. Friday evening, I took a picture of Johan on the way to Messer to put up the logo on their windows. He came home at 3am, when Allison and Gerrit still were at ours, we had a fun night and didn’t realise how late it was.

On Saturday, we met Ioannis for a quick Guinness to talk about work. Johan is showing some designs he’s doing for a beer brewery and yesterday, we quickly passed by Boxi to celebrate our friend Andrew’s birthday. The park was packed with people, some more odd than others. For example a woman in a robe attacking groups of people so hard that the park was getting more and more empty of people. The woman in the picture to the right was a cutie pie.

The highlight of last week was of course the amazing meal on Tuesday night. What was the highlight of your week? Anything special happened?

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