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Week 29 through the phone

A week ago, went to Modulor to get some stuff for Johan now that I’m playing personal assistant when he needs one. God, this sounds so 1950s.

Just love to ride the U-Bahn, that feeling of when the trains sync and you just swoosh around the city. Monday evening, I went to a Späti for beers with Johan and Andrew, the tiles are from Andrew’s building, they’ve always been some of my favourites since I moved here.

After beer, Johan and I had a date at Trattoria Libau. Hadn’t been for several years and we both remembered why we always go to Ritrovo instead. Libau is not bad-bad, but Ritrovo always wins. Apart from the food, it was amazing to sit on a quiet street, everything calm, a bit tipsy from the wine, talking about whatever together. On the way home, I snapped this classic picture of the TV-tower from Warschauer Bru¨cke.

Tuesday morning, I went out for a while. Probably to buy a Club Mate, favourite drink to get me started. My friend from Sardinia made babies, and here they are (talking about the plant). Want to make more and fill the flat with them.

Evening came and we went to Boxi to hang out with Andrew x2 and Tom. Brought home a Pizza Funghi for home. Ate it in bed and crashed.

Wednesday already, did the laundry and went to Tazza while waiting for it to finish. It was winter jacket weather, I love it. Tiles from our building, the new Hausverwaltung isn’t taking care of them at all.

Went for a stroll to get some bread and chocolate, was in the mood for fika. Rain, how I love you.

On Thursday I got ambitious and made this for lunch. Some greek yogurt with frozen raspberries and sunflower seeds as a snack, better than most sweet things on this planet.

We went out for Guinness, love the wall Johan made at Badfish in Krossener Strasse.

We hooked up with Andrew and ended up at Bier-Bar. So great to visit Akkawy for hangover lunch.

Friday evening, leaving home for another Guinness with Ioannis. Tenia joined and we decided to go to a heavy metal DJ set at Urban Spree and have oysters. What a combo, love this city.

Heavy metal party required Döner the day after. I decided to take a proper alcohol break again, it’s been too much lately. I really crave friends who want to do other things than drink. So I guess it’s going to be me and my books again, I don’t mind. On Sunday, I made linguine with zucchini, spinach, lots of garlic, olive oil, pasta water, chilli flakes, salt & pepper. And mozzarella of course.

Yesterday was super hot (30° celcius) and we enjoyed Greek salad with tzatziki on the balcony. Got some DMs on instagram about the drinks, it’s tap water in the glasses and a mini white wine for Johan. No ouzo although I LOVE ouzo. I guess ouzo is like coriander, either you love it or you hate it?

Right now I’m sitting at Tazza writing this blogpost. Guess you’ll see pictures of that here next week. Have a nice new week, all <3


  • Sarah
    July 20, 2020 at 4:18 pm

    Ich trinke keinen Alkohol! 🙂
    Schöne Woche und tolle Bilder … jetzt habe ich Lust auf Döner …

    • Sandra
      July 22, 2020 at 10:12 am

      <3 Vielen Dank <3


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