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Week 31 through the phone

Week 31 started the same way as the previous Mondays – I went to a café to make week 30’s through-the-phone-post. I like this new tradition, almost forgot about it today. Put on my winter jacket and left home feeling happy about changing environment. OK so back to last week, Johan and I walked to Eurogida in Kreuzberg to buy some marinated chicken etc. I made green lentil salad and we ate it with tomato, some roasted carrots and potatoes + tzatziki. Super delicious, was so full I couldn’t eat more than a snack later in the evening.

Went to the Asian supermarket at Frankfurter Allee to get some stuff I love, especially sichuan pepper. Did a poll on my instagram asking if people loved sichuan pepper or not. 92% answered yes, I was impressed. So, evening came and I had strawberries with Bulgarian cheese I bought at Eurogida, tzatziki with eggs. Was great.

Tuesday morning, Johan and I had coffee before he left for work in Alt-Mariendorf. I had supermarket pelmeni with salad for lunch.

Took a walk in the evening to meet Johan when he arrived back.

On Wednesday Charlie came for a visit, he’s so cute I die and I can’t wait for him to come over again soon.

Thurday morning we had coffee and headed over to Alt-Mariendorf together where we shot pictures for Sumolight. Will probably go there later this week as well. Had some Turkish lunch which was bland, but did its job.

The building where Sumolight resides and a beautiful I-don’t-know-what-it-is-place in Alt-Mariendorf.

Curious about the name of this cloud, I don’t always like to google things – it’s more fun to make up things. So this is a feather cloud. Hello erotic market.

Friday already, starting with coffee on the balcony. Had this simple lunch which I blogged about the other day.

Headed off to Lichtenberg so meet Johan who was picking up t-shirts at Wicked Print. We shared a dürüm with halloumi and schawarma and picked red cabbage that was so sour I died of happiness, tastiest ever.

On the way home we passed by Bier-Bar to quickly say hi to some friends. Had a non-alcoholic wheat beer and was full for an hour. Not drunk, full. Full means drunk in Swedish. Woke up early on Saturday and did some blogging. Asked Johan if he wanted to join me to Boxi No, I’m going to wear only underwear today. OK.

Since it was hot, a lot of people were at the lakes so beloved Boxi wasn’t too crowded – amazing!

Found this camera on my way home, let’s see if it works. I got a bunch of Polaroid cameras at home already.

So, lunch was this that I also blogged about the other day. Spent the rest of the hot day inside reading a book, wonderful.

And had dinner on the balcony.

Yesterday it was time to have some fun around town with Johan. Always being greeted with this lovely message when arriving home.

We took the S-Bahn to Neukölln and walked outside the ring to have some basic sushi in a place which looked like it was in a village in the north of Sweden. It also had a Christmas tree. So, what’s the situation with the mask in Berlin? If you go to a bar/restaurant/café you need to wear it when you’re standing up (entering the place, picking up your order, going to the toilet).

Walked around having coffee in two different places and decided to skip dinner outside and go home and eat a light salad instead. Brought my big camera out yesterday, so there will be a post of its own about the greatest Sunday I’ve had in a while. Talk soon, happy Monday! xo


  • Alexandra
    August 3, 2020 at 11:18 am

    Charlie är ganska lik våran hund Lenny. Samma knortiga ben och färger, fast Lenny börjar att bli en gammal gubbe nu, alldeles vit i ansiktet och sur när han inte får som han vill, vilket enligt honom själv är i stort sett jämt. Jag blir så jäkla hungrig när jag ser din “standard-Sandra-food”, längtar efter sallad och krispiga grönsaker!
    Om du vill ha lite tips på bra böcker att läsa så kan jag rekommendera Amin Maalouf, Leo Afrikanen och Samarkand (finns i översättning på svenska och engelska men de är skrivna på franska), fast när jag ser bokhyllan så kanske du har böcker att läsa ett tag framöver… ;o)
    Ha en fin fortsatt ny vecka! Kram

    • Sandra
      August 3, 2020 at 12:58 pm

      Åh tack för tips!
      Ska kolla upp.
      Har nästan 100 olästa böcker här hemma, köpte på mig som en tok innan jag flyttade. Bra och dåligt för jag vill ju även läsa nyutgivna böcker, så när jag är i Sverige köper jag på mig då också. Man kan aldrig ha för många böcker. Puss till Lenny från mig, kram!

  • Claire
    August 3, 2020 at 8:26 pm

    That crisp chili in oil is one of my favorite things ever!

    Keep blogging forever. I love it.

    • Sandra
      August 4, 2020 at 8:09 am

      Yeah it’s so great, been eyeing for a couple of years and don’t know why I didn’t buy it until now. Yum!


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