Week 32 through the phone

Hi there, how was your weekend? Let’s look at the past week through my phone, as usual on Mondays here these days. I really like blogs where you can follow a story, peek into someones life and recognise things from before – like when you’re visiting a friend. I like when blogs have a lot of pictures, it’s extremely time-consuming though so I understand if people don’t have the energy/time. I do, blogging is something that gives me a lot of energy, I always kept journals until I started blogging in 1998.

A Monday lunch and then I went to the local mall to get some face wash and I sent the picture of these ladies to my sister Look, this could be our dream job, just standing there the whole day talking shit.

Monday was a busy day, evening came and I went to bed reading, like most evenings. Tuesday coffee on the balcony. You’ve seen a picture like this several times before.

This is what I do when Johan is annoyed with me – make a sun above my head looking completely ridiculous. Made a lentil soup of stuff we had at home, it turned out delicious and i don’t remember what’s in it.

Found this book on the street, been wanting to read it for ages. Clouds were brutal.

On Wednesday we got prepared to fuck off to Alt-Mariendorf for a photoshoot. I was working a bit with this view.

Are you finished, yet? he asked. Took the S-Bahn all over town to reach Sumolight. Yes we all wear masks when we have to, and not when we don’t have to. How much do they really help in a crowded space, like a packed train? I believe more in keeping distance.

Bought the guys at Sumolight a yogurt-orange-cake which was really delicious. We worked, borrowed this amaaazing tripod from Klaus who works there.

Took a walk in the neighbourhood, look at the top windows! Wish all trains would look like this.

We sat down at Tempelhofer Hafen and shared this meal. It was absolutely amazing and I’ll show you more on sandrajutosberlin soon.

Was waiting for someone to tag this picture with that wesanderson-tag on my instagram. Someone did it, fun!

Thursday arrived and it was time to visit Night Kitchen (see yesterday’s post for so many more pictures). So delicious.

Walked through Mitte and ended up at Messer where our friend Ioannis is chef. Loved the pizza boxes on the bar counter. Sometimes you need pizza even if you work in a restaurant serving amazing food.

I had been drinking the first time in almost two weeks, so the hangover was not taking care of me very well. Not complaining, a hangover is always a low price to pay if the night before was gooood. We went to Bite Club (see more on sandrajutosberlin) where Johan wrote signs and I took pictures.

Had Gimme Gelato gelato, pistachio and salty caramel. Always good. I mean great.

Saturday Boxi was pretty empty cause it was 36 degrees celcius that day.

We headed over to Bonvivant for an art & brunch invitation, you will see more on sandrajutosberlin very soon. To the right is the result of our painting.

Delish. Took a walk through Schöneberg and then spent the rest of the day at home, it was way too hot to be outside.

Sunday I was angry and went out for coffee where my friend Allison (I got two) passed by and we hated men together for half an hour. Saw this leaf and thought about how I can’t wait for fall. Been wearing this skirt everyday for 4 days due to the heat wave. The sandals are murdering my feet though.

Met Johan accidentaly on the street, we became friends again and had lunch together at La Despensa. Mate from tap, yum.

We had this, a mix of good things. Sometimes I just don’t want to write down every dish, every ingredient. It’s just nice to let the picture speak for itself + it’s very time consuming to research menus (and remembering my own food stuff). Hope you understand. Came home to beautiful light in the staircase AND…

…Peps came over to spend the day and evening with us. So much play, cuddle and talking. She’s lovely. She joined us for pizza in the park. She knows so many people in our neighbourhood, walking around like Hey, dude to people she knows.

We went to play with her pelotita (ball) which she had smelled in my bag already in the park so she was super excited. The last picture is when she says Come on Sandra, bring that ball out, I know you got it! I’m always so amazed with how easy it is to communicate with dogs, how us humans and dogs understand each other. Peps refused to move when we passed by a place where there used to be a restaurant giving her some meat, she understands a lot but she doesn’t understand the concept of a restaurant having closed down.


  • Cecilia
    August 10, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    Så fint inlägg. Gillar mycket de vardagliga uppdateringarna.

    • Sandra
      August 15, 2020 at 11:08 am

      Tack Cecilia, blir glad att höra <3

  • Alexandra
    August 12, 2020 at 9:47 am

    Jag kan bara instämma med Cecilia. Jag gillar också väldigt mycket dina vardags uppdateringar! Peps är ju hur söt som helst! Vem skulle inte vilja spendera en söndag i hennes sällskap?!

    • Sandra
      August 15, 2020 at 11:11 am

      Ja shit, hon är en av de finaste personer jag nånsin träffat. Vi har så sjukt kul, hon är så bra på att kommunicera vad hon vill göra/ha. Det blir nästan komiskt när hon står och tittar på sin leksak, sedan på mig, sedan på leksaken, sedan på mig, nickar mot leksaken, nickar mot mig. Så jävla gulligt.


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