Bite Club at Gleisdreieck

Friday was hot hot hot (36°C) and I arrived at Bite Club early to meet Johan, who was writing signs for them. It opens at 5pm and I was there a few minutes before. The market was empty and people were standing in line outside. I somehow took the wrong way and could sneak in, good to get lost sometimes. They used to have their events at Arena, this year they moved to Gleisdreieck.

It filled up quickly. You’re allowed to go to markets without wearing masks, most people are very good at keeping distance. Someone was complaining on my instagram about people not wearing masks, but these are the rules in Berlin. Also, it’s hard to judge by a picture. Let’s not be corona police online and try to do our best, right? My personal opinion is that it’s more harmful to live in fear than the virus itself. Stay safe!

Johan showed me the container he designed for Gimme Gelato. I had 4 scoops of gelato before and after food; salted caramel x2, pistachio and chocolate.

This Käsespätzle is SO good (it’s the German/Swiss/Austrian etc version of Mac and cheese). Once at an event, I had 3-4 portions of it.

The Käsespätzle and a chicken bun. I had Club Mate, this Summer has made me very tired of alcohol, so I try to limit my intake. Love how many alcohol-free beers you find in this country. Jever fun (what a ridiculous name) is my favourite, it’s fresh and doesn’t contain a lot of sugar like many alcohol-free beers do).

I love this person.

Our friends from Sonkitchen were there as well serving their wonderful bibimbap.

Look at it, have you tasted bibimbap? I highly recommend it.

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