Dinner with THE view

An invitation from Private Roof Club

Last night, I was invited to Private Roof Club for dinner. After heavy thunderstorm, Johan and I left home for the 15 minutes walk to this amazing place located by Oberbaumbrücke, which used to be a checkpoint between East and West Berlin. We both got goosebumps thinking about us sitting in the old no man’s land right next to the remains of the Berlin Wall. We have a friend who tried to swim over from east to west right here, he got caught and ended up in prison. I think he tried again the day before the wall came down. What a brave man. Let’s go back to the present time.

It was dinner à la carte and we chose everything except for one small dish and the desserts.

The first course was oyster with oyster mayo, kohlrabi salad, stilton cheese, fried flaxseeds & mini onions picked in Berlin.

Had this bitter spritz while being shown around the place. You can rent it for events, the dinner evenings are over for this summer. They host brunch on Sundays which looks equally impressive. We sat on a terrace overlooking the bridge and river Spree.

Sandra, I’m so happy I forgot about work, said the workaholic.

Nice wines, beautiful plates. This is one of this summer’s best food experiences for sure. Nothing else can beat the atmospheric view.

Here we have:

Polish dumplings with smoked potatoes, chives quark, braised onions, Frankfurter green sauce, dill & mustard cucumber.

Tarte flambée, Indian pizza dough with sweet & sour eggplant, miso, bonito flakes & baked tomato.

Oven baked fish (red mullet), potato salad with Colatura di Alici, grated Malosol cucumber & peeled egg.

Oberbaumbrücke, the old checkponint and the sky over Kreuzberg.

The fish is as fresh as you can get in Berlin (hard to find as we’re far away from the sea), being transported from The Netherlands by night.

After the sun had set, we were served grilled pork & corn with baba ganoush, sweet & spicy melon salad & reduced tomato stock. Ended the whole wonderful experience with espressi and a slow walk home.

Private Roof Club – thank you so much for this smashing evening, you were all such great and attentive people and I hope we’ll meet again.

sandrajutosberlin is now 4 weeks old and has already given me a few adventures, so happy I started this account, it was about time. See you soon <3


  • Alexandra
    August 24, 2020 at 6:58 am

    Ha, nu har jag lärt mig! Har precis ätit frukost så jag är inte hungrig! :o)
    Det ser HELT FANTASTISKT ut! De vegetariska rätterna ser och låter så goda! Jag tror minsann att nästa resa, när det nu går blir till Berlin! då ska jag inte äta på en vecka innan och säkert inte en vecka efter heller… :oD

    • Sandra
      August 26, 2020 at 9:12 am

      Haha, ja det är en så sjukt bra matstad, trodde verkligen inte det första gången jag var här (2002) och bara åt crap.

    August 24, 2020 at 9:30 am

    Last pic is sensational. Love all the atmosphere.

    • Sandra
      August 26, 2020 at 9:13 am

      Such a beautiful place, still so happy about this night <3

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