A drama queen walks into a bar

I take a lot of pictures, as you can guess. Many of them not ending up here, of course. Been trying to remember to shoot pictures with the big camera, which are for myself and not for the blog. Let’s look at 5 of them anyway. Here we are, when I was still being blonde earlier this month, waiting for the train at Gleisdreieck.

Love to take the train and get so much energy when the changes between the different lines go quickly and you don’t have to wait. Not that I mind waiting, but that flow is amazing.

On TV. Does anyone say they’re watching TV still, when they watch stuff on their computers? I do it ironically. Like when I go to clubs, I say I go to the disco. Don’t know if that’s funny really.

This is from Klunkerkranich on the same evening as the other pictures.

And this is from the night after. A drama queen walks into a bar. You can guess who 😉 Pints of Guinness, late night with friends. I don’t know, I’m pretty tired of hanging out in bars right now. The air is getting crisp, it’s possible to be at home again without dying from the heat. Can’t wait to make stews, drink a small glass of red wine at home, read books, all those things that make me feel really good. Not saying I’m never going to enjoy late nights in bars again, what a joke that would be.

Yesterday I bought yarn and started working on the new Wrist Worms, they will be made with the same kinds of yarn I used between 2008-2018 + some new ones. New colours as well + old classics.

Last season’s collection is on sale, 22€ instead of 35€. French eco-friendly wool which I love, the are a bit longer than the previous ones for those of you who have requested it. The new ones will be the same size as the old ones. Will make some in L size as well, feel free to email me/comment here if you want a particular colour for the L size ([email protected]).

And about my previous post; thank you all so much for commenting and being such caring and generous and understanding and empathic. I’m so glad you take the time to read what I’m trying to say. You made me shed some tears, you really mean a lot to me although we might not know each other in real life <3

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