Week 36 through the phone

Hi, long time no see. I’ve been working, been to Sweden, came back a week ago and it took me quite some time to adjust. I’ve been in a strange place mentally lately, a bit lost I guess – you know the feeling. But enough about that, let’s have a look at what I did the first week of September. Started the week walking (tried to wear something colourful…) and working.

I need to start walking much more again, it’s the most efficient way for me to build up serotonin. Went to Wedding to meet up with Johan and Andrew for some pints. Alcohol isn’t good for my serotonin, but I forget about it every now and then.

We went to Asia Deli for some food. The starters were really good, but the mapo tofu was super bland and the rice was extremely mushy so they didn’t deserve a picture. We went there late in the evening, but mushy rice is never OK.

The glamorous life of laundry. Our place has closed, so now we have to walk 10x longer. Time to get a washing machine…

I gave myself some breakfast while editing pictures for my Berlin guide.

Working and walking. Thursday evening it was time to celebrate our 15 years together.

I posted pictures from that night here.

Best friend. Worst sometimes as well.

On Friday I was completely fucked from the night before. Went to Bite Club at Gleisdreieck in the evening to meet up with Johan and eat some delicious food.

It was Saturday and I walked to Kreuzberg, came home and ate this simple stuff which is the kind of food I love to make at home.

Silly Juto and silly street art. In the evening it was time to celebrate our BFF Tenia’s birthday and in the middle of everything she said We’re going to celebrate TOMORROW as well! Oh dear.

Prepared ourselves with ramen on Sunday and went to Schalander. Friends ordered Flammkuchen, the one with gorgonzola and fresh figs was super delicious.

The light was so good looking, people were in the mood, I was beat and we went home early.

In a couple of hours we’re going to celebrate Tenia again with a delayed birthday gift – lunch. Food is the best birthday present, don’t you think?

Got 2 more weekly posts to share this week. How have you been?


  • ELENA (tropposquisito)
    September 23, 2020 at 10:14 am

    Hi Sandra,

    I am back in Spain after my short (but always amazing) trip to Berlin. Berlin gave me, as you say, a serotonin injection after several months suffering this fuckXXXg corona state of mind.
    Hope you are better.

    It is always nice to read you.


  • Becky
    September 24, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    Such beautiful photos as usual. Exercise and sunshine are always the best things for the mind. Take care and be well!


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