Week 38 through the phone

Hi, long time no see – I know. Thanks to those of you who have written and asked if I’m OK. I am very OK, just having a very monotone life atm. Waking up, doing yoga, taking a shower, drinking coffee, crocheting, having lunch, crocheting, having dinner, crocheting, reading, bed.

Let’s look at some weeks ago, when I was still in Sweden and then going home. These pictures are from when me and mum took a walk around Höträsket in the morning.

When we came home we drank hot cocoa and ate crisp bread with butter and cheese. My dad and I did our traditional thing – we went to second hand shops and had lunch.

A pit stop in his flat before lunch. Luleå serves buffets in many places with an interesting mix of food. When I grew up, I thought it was standard that every kind of restaurant served pizza – even Chinese restaurants, so when I moved to Gothenburg I was really surprised that this wasn’t so called normal.

My niece Lo & a picture of me that my dad took. Somebody pointed out that my arm looks weird in the picture LOL, it does.

We went to my old school to pick up Alice and I forgot to put on pants. Borrowed my mum’s garden shoes, these are very popular in Sweden…

I made a farewell dinner, standard Sandra tomato sauce pasta and mozzarella. Here is Alice. I LOVE MY NIECES.

AND MY BABY BROTHER ELVIS. My family is so blonde – except me and my dad. I guess I got more of the Belgian side of my relatives (who entered Sweden in maybe the 18th century, I don’t know).

On tuesday morning I flew back to Berlin. Bought a shrimp sandwich at Arlanda airport which Johan and I shared at Tegel airport. Never had a shrimp sandwich in Berlin before. Later on we went to Alibaba to share this platter of wonderful food. What a great welcome back home.

My sister is Elvis’s hairdresser and she had saved this for me. He has the most beautiful shade of blonde hair, I was aiming for this but gave up. Found this lampthing in the staircase.

Passed by this on Wednesday morning and was properly reminded of where I live. Johan and I went for lunch at Swadesh, a pretty new Indian restaurant, which was pretty bland.

On Thursday, I met Tenia for a coffee and in the evening it was time to go to Sumo Light for a party.

Johan blending in and the food reminded me of Luleå lunch. The glass of wine was always full, so I ended up being way too drunk and woke up with anxiety which I almost never do.

So I decided to cross the bridge to try the food at that Indian restaurant again to know whether or not I should put it on sandrajutosberlin, I usually go for palak paneer the first time I visit a new Indian place. This was honestly really really bad, it had no flavour – the rice tasted more than the actual stew. What a shame – the food was really fresh otherwise, not drenched in oil. But no flavour. Walked to Neukölln to have coffee at Espera which was also really bad. I prefer not to write about bad things online, but let’s keep it real – not all places I go to are great.

In the evening I went to Bite Club, wearing one of my favourite outfits. Posted this picture in my instagram stories to show it and got messages about my standing pose. I thought everyone could stand like this? Had amazing food at Bite Club.

Saturday, I went to Boxi for the Wochenmarkt (farmers market).

And then to the mall to do some grocery shopping. This caught my eye and made me feel sick – using the Berlin Wall as a symbol of consumption?? Something that didn’t make me sick was the risotto with radicchio and pink grapefruit that I made in the evening. Recipe from a cookbook so I can’t share it. I try to find inspiration in cookbooks now to make new-to-me dishes. About time.

On Sunday, Johan and I went for coffee at both Fine Bagels and Tazza. Was beautiful to sit outside.

Made this for lunch and later on it was still warm enough to sit outside, so we went to our local Kneipe (pub) for Rahmspätzle (German mac and cheese kind of) and Schnitzel with salad. Hung out with Andrew and Dario and that was that week.

How have you been? xo


  • Elena
    October 9, 2020 at 8:44 am

    Hello Sandra,
    Nice to have new entry from you, they bring me peace 😀 🙋‍♀️
    Take care!

    • Sandra
      October 11, 2020 at 1:03 pm

      Glad to hear, Elena <3


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