Week 39 through the phone

Good morning, Monday! Time to catch up on the weekly wrap ups. These pictures are from Monday 5 weeks ago, I went to Salami Social Club for 2 slices of pizza. Met up with Johan and all of a sudden we hear our names from a table on Grünberger Strasse; it was Charley and his parents. The evening was hot and we sat down for a couple of drinks.

On Tuesday we went out for lunch at Akkawy for a belated birthday present with our friend Tenia; food is always the best present, right? Afterwards Johan and I were walking home and we were super full. Met an aquaintance on the street who was eyeing my stomach so many times that I said I ate too much hummus. And he said Are you sure it’s NOT JUST HUMMUS IN THERE? I don’t understand why I even explained myself, no one has the right to hint that a woman is pregnant unless you are reeeeally close to eachother. I went to see Tenia at the bar she’s working and angry-crochet the whole afternoon.

On Tuesday I walked to the yarn shop to get some yarns for my shop, can’t wait for the day when I finally update it. Had a gözleme (spinach/cheese) from Eurogida.

Look at this colour, merino wool. Spent most of the time crocheting and one of the days I made this plate of linguine with zucchini. Not much action in my life.

On Friday both of us had cravings for meat so we went to Fleischerei Domke. Ugh. I love those rainy Fall days. We were in a taxi to Mitte.

Johan was delivering menus to Messer, a restaurant he’s working for. Had coffee and some savory stuff and afterwards we were on our way to Allison‘s birthday party.

I brought snacks for Charley and had him stalking me for at least an hour. I might have spent more time with him than with the others. Johan and I walked home together through an empty neighbourhood, so happy all our close friends live a maximum 15 minutes walk from our flat.

I’ll get back to you with your questions on instagram about Tornedalen, so many great questions – I will share my personal experiences and hopefully find some articles for you when it comes to questions I don’t have answers for as I don’t want to give you any misleading information – IF I have the time (got shit loads to do so I don’t have the possibility to educate myself right now – which I really want to do eventually – your questions made me realise how little I know), I will at least give you some words to google so you can find more information.

Wish you all a nice week, xo

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