Week 41 through the phone

This week was a lot about food it seems. Dining table all over the place (blog). Made this pumpkin soup for the first time since I posted that recipe. Pumpkin is not my thing, it’s way too sweet. Just like sweet potatoes, the texture, no thanks. Do you like them? I can eat both of them in small amounts. The next day chickpea soup was served, much better. It’s a recipe I’ve been using for many many years from a book my ex-mother-in-law gave me in 2000. You find it in Swedish here.

Took this picture, but didn’t post it on instagram. Usually when I post a picture with that plastic bottle (which I use for about 2 months for tap water before recycling it) I get angry DMs about me drinking bottled water. I wish people would spend their energy on other things. Let’s move on to mushroom risotto instead.

When our house was built, the owner also built a monument for his dog who died. The dog was buried in the courtyard until 2012 when they dug it up to prevent rats? I don’t get the logic in digging it up for that reason 113 years later? Johan fried cabbage and some grains in butter and as boring as it looks – it was AMAZING.

My view most of the days when I crochet. I posted this green Citroën on my instagram and someone wrote that in France, you pinch each other when you see one. Love those little stories that people so generously share.

I went out for some groceries and found this chair on the street. It was too heavy to carry 1.5 kilometers and also a bit too wobbly. Got some extreeemly tasty bread from a new baker at Boxi. Passed by the other day and the place was empty, though.

After we had been over-eating that bread, the only thing for dinner were tomatoes with mozzarella, red onion and sautéed spinach. Saturday was Boxi day (again, I actually zoomed in this picture of chanterelles so the plastic bag, which they ended up in at the stall, wouldn’t show, because of not needing the DMs about it). Is it Covid-19 that has made people go mental about correcting/lecturing people online? OK enough already. Gonna leave it here.

Came home to this (the thread behind the painting, from 1942, had decided to give up). Johan made amazing lunch, this and that – for example fried stems of broccoli.

The sun in the kitchen is so nice, it’s not showing often as the window is facing north. In the evening our friend Ioannis showed up all of a sudden to deliver a fish soup. How sweet is that? I made ugly, yet tasty, bread slices with cheese. Should be a food stylist.

Sunday morning we got up pretty early for a walk, when passing by this café I realised it’s been almost 10 years since we were there. Went inside and had breakfast which tasted like back in the days. Got all nostalgic and hope these places never die.

Sunday morning in Berlin, felt like pre Covid. Johan made lasagne and it was delicious.

Allison, I want red wine. Me too. Johan, do you want red wine? Yes. Very good ending of Week 41.

It’s week 45 already, I haven’t been counting weeks since I was in school.

Do you know what? I FINALLY listed some Wrist Worms in the shop for pre-order. Will ship them hopefully latest next Friday, most likely a day or two before. Waiting for stuff from the printshop – I have made a new logo, much more minimalistic than before. Hope you will like it – I like it a lot.

Working like a maniac on a wholesale order for my friend Hiwon in South Korea, love working with her. Hope you’re all good. We’re having a lockdown light over here, I don’t notice much difference except that food and coffee are only for take-away. Bars I don’t miss a second.

And friends in the States – I hope to congratulate you soon. Well, not just those of you in the States – all of us walking on this planet. xo

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    November 5, 2020 at 11:56 am

    i am in love with your dishes, not only your recipes but the dishes. Have a nice end of the week… 🙂


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