Week 43 through the phone

The second last week of October was filled with crochet and taking a day off for a walk around the city with Johan. Let’s have a look:

The pasta addiction was real, I now need a break from heavy food – taking a few days of broth, veggies, salad with cheese and so on.

Have no idea what was in this pasta dish, I think Johan made it. The picture to the right is now the picture I add to all orders in my shop.

A matcha brush left as trash.

Made chai like back in 2005, in the same glass. Brought back memories to the flat I lived in when I was so madly in love with Johan that I couldn’t think straight.

So, time to take a day off and walk to Prenzlauer Berg.

Johan had never been to Sasaya for sushi, so. Haven’t had good sushi in Berlin for ages, so this was amazing. Don’t know why I didn’t get any wasabi?

Bonanza as dessert, they still serve the tasties coffee in this city, in my opinion. Or did I miss any new places?

Passed by Zionskirche and went inside, my mask smelled coffee so I had to put a finger between my chin and the mask to smell the church scent. It’s one of my favourites.

Went down to Mitte to have a glass outside a bar. Don’t know the name of it, been passing by for years and years and never been inside as I’m usually in Mitte daytime and it’s very seldom I drink alcohol daytime because of zzz.

Being back in Friedrichshain, we shared a plate of Iskender at the new Mustafa. It was vulgar, extremely fatty meat and not my thing. I guess sharing that plate minimum 4 people would work. Here you see the mountains of Wrist Worms for the wholesale order I finished last week.

Friday came and as I was crocheting, the booze monkeys were staring at me. Johan was sitting at a Sp├Ąti with Andrew, Li’llison and Tom, so I headed over for some red wine in the evening.

Later on Charley and Allison arrived and we went to their place.

The most beautiful face, right? The next day we took a walk in the sun.

I woke up early on Sunday morning and headed over to Ritrovo for pizza. What you don’t see in these pictures is all the non-job-fun. Job is also very fun, but not in pictures.

Gonna catch up on these posts, so I’ll be in sync with the weeks again. Makes it more fun and now that I don’t have wholesale tunnel vision, it’s easier to focus on all the things around the Wrist Worms.

So many new Wrist Worms in the shop – I will make a post about them later.

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