Week 46 through the phone

Gonna speed up those weekly post now so I’ll be in sync again, it’s more fun to post them closer to the week when they happened. Back in week 46 I was still working on the Wrist Worms wholesale order. We went to Hellweg, the hardware store, in the evening. On the way there we always pass by Berghain, I guess some of you know about this place. Considered the hardest techno club to get in to. If you say you’ve never had problems getting in, people think hardly believe you.

The buddhist center in Friedrichshain is beautiful. Corona isn’t.

We took a walk to Tazza to have cappuccino. I almost always wait downstairs or outside for Johan. I’m fast, he’s slow. Apparently.

It was time to start heating and this is our local flower shop, selling flowers and bongs.

The wholesale order and my favourite food – cheese & veggies.

Walked to a yarn store to find acrylic yarn – it’s time to make a substitute to the regular wool ones for those of you who for any reason don’t wear wool.

Salt & pepper. Maybe twice a year I get the urge to go to McD for a chili-cheese-burger and a sundae, so we did and sat on a bench at the Ostkreuz platform. Sandra, are we allowed to sit here and eat during lockdown? Yes.

Beautiful sun over Boxi and some hedonistic behaviour from back in the days. Berlin bleibt Berlin.

Beaut + hyacinths, I like to put them in glass vases to see the roots.

Had the luxury of drinking Guinness from proper glasses while Johan was working at Badfish Barbershop and we had Korean takeaway. Yum.

I got drunk on those Guinness and woke up to a message to sober Sandra from drunk Sandra. Went to Boxi to meet Allison, Gerrit and Charley for breakfast, had a spinach-cheese-gözleme.

I don’t know what I’m doing in my sleep?

Woke up to an amazing sunday, Johan wanted to join me for a walk. Those of you who’ve read this blog for a long time know how much we used to walk together back in the days. Nowadays I go on my own most of the time. Most of the time I like it, sometimes it makes me sad.

We walked to Victoriastadt where things looked the same as always, thank you – this city changes so rapidly.

The colours of this building always makes me think of my mother-in-law.

Pictures of two squats.

Thank you SO MUCH for your orders, don’t forget you get 20% discount on Wrist Worms with code 2ADVENT this week. You find them here. Many are sold out but there are still heaps available. I’m going to spend the next days crocheting from morning til night.


  • Mims
    January 12, 2021 at 10:28 pm

    I’m wearing an abergine pair of wristworms right now. Its 60″F in our rental now…Seattle is cold and grey! I love your walking posts….with snippets of coffee and food. Covid has made our social life a constant hunt for an uncrowded dry.covered patio of a coffeeshop or brewpub..that is also dog friendly. So far we have managed to find some really nice ones…unless it is very blustery and horizontally raining, then we stay home. Wool underwear, proper outerwear and a intrepid attitude goes far. Heres to many a safe outdoor adventure this winter!

  • Mims
    January 12, 2021 at 10:34 pm

    BTW, I forgot to say, the reason I thought to come to see what you are up too…we are halfway thru season two of the German production of Dark. I kept thinking the character of Magnus reminded me of someone….and I finally figured it was Johan! Do you see the resemblance? Loving that show too, but it makes my brain hurt trying to figure out time loops.

    • Sandra
      January 13, 2021 at 6:46 pm

      Oh that series is really good, although I agree with you – sooo difficult to keep track on esp the faces (me being faceblind) of the people. I don’t see the resemblance with Magnus, it’s always so interesting to hear thoughts about this! Enjoy winter and hope you get your social fix covered xoxo


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