Week 47 through the phone

Week 47 started with me finishing the wholesale order of 150 pairs, which meant I could start focusing on my own shop. You get 20% off on each pair of Wrist Worms with code 2ADVENT this week.

Celebrated myself with a fancy flat white from Fine Bagels and then went home to label all the WWs.

Something very rare happened one morning – there was sun in the hallway. In another hallway, an entrance to a building, there was a toilet all of a sudden.

The Wrist Worms mayhem continued.

So I went south to buy more yarn.

Yes. Ja.

I just love this city, there aren’t words enough to say how much. I hope my pictures do. I LOVE BERLIN WINTER.

Dark dark dark & a new quality this year; 50% lama 50% wool. Love them! They sell out so quickly.

Another new material is acrylic, they look and almost feel as the wool ones. Love how the colour of the Wrist Worms sticker turned out.

Had a photoshoot with my friends at Tucker Brunch Bar. Got flat white in a REAL CUP which felt exotic.

Planned to go home but ended up drinking beer with Andrew outdoors.

The next day, I joined Johan to the embassy to renew his passport and pick up mine. I brought the buttcrack character Camilla with me to make funny stories on instagram, but was too busy with other things like freezing. She and a few more buttcracks are on sale now – 49€ instead of 69€.

On my instagram I asked which one of these was people’s favourite. Maybe 95% said the second one. I like the first one better, it’s more inviting and the second one appeals to much to my control freak side which I try to make smaller.

Yeah, Camilla gave up, she said I was boring.

Later on I walked to Kreuzberg to give Allison a hug and meet Johan. We all said the magic word WINE.

So… Charley ended up on the sofa and the rest of us ended up doing mayhem art. I like the right picture so much that I may have to print it out.

Johan and I continued the creativity the next morning. Got so many pictures on my DSLR that I could show you if you’re interested? Not sure if you’re at all interested in this kind of style.

I went to Musti for a Köfte im Brot on Sunday and worked, what a productive and fun week that was.

Thank you all AGAIN for your orders, I am working on them as fast as I can – it takes a couple of days extra as I haven’t crocheted some of them yet.

Talk soon! xo


  • Megan
    December 9, 2020 at 7:13 am

    Oh my gosh those are my dining chairs in the “Yes” photo! This is amazing because I live in California and I found 8 matching chairs in a thrift shop. And there they are in Berlin! Of course they started out in Denmark…
    I love your blog! I read every day, but am only commenting for the first time. I think you are very courageous for sharing so much with strangers. It’s a weird and liberating thing to do, no? 💞

    December 10, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    “I just love this city, there aren’t words enough to say how much” I couldn’t have described better, that’s exactly what I think about Berlin from the very first time I was there.


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