Week 4

A week ago, it was soba noodles on the plate with some chicken Johan made.

I walked over to Kreuzberg to go visit the goats in Görlitzer Park with Allison. The light!

Johan and I went to Casablanca to have dinner. Halloumi sandwich.

Sunny morning walk around the neighbourhood.

I found a vase on the street and got a yarn delivery.

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Risotto and a tablecloth I found in the trash.

Below the tablecloth was a box filled with nice glassware hiding.

I took more walks than in a long time last week. Been having problems focusin, but luckily there were Wrist Worms to be made – have built up a stash now.

Went to Rewe to get food. Food… Listed this pair (100% wool) in the shop.

Friday evening, we went out for a walk with Allison, Gerrit and Charley when it was finally snowing properly. Look at that bombshell (not the snow figures obviously).

Snow was still here on Saturday when I woke up. Made a pasta with a whole burrata cause it was time to go to Kreuzberg and work-play with Allison.

There were silly snowmen everywhere.

Allison’s studio. I could move in. But most of all I want to steal her talent.

We worked for hours and hours and had so much fun.

Got some quick assistance from one man with very long legs and another one with very short legs. A walk back to Friedrichshain around midnight and that quite much was my weekend.

This week: Continue crocheting Wrist Worms stash, thank you so much for your orders this season.

20% off with code WEEK5 on checkout on all Wrist Worms this week, yay!

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