Week 6

Last week was freezing! I loved it because we haven’t had proper winter here for a very long time. Home has been icecold in some rooms, the bathroom only has a one glass window and no heating. People tell me I should be able to handle the cold because I’m swedish. It’s a big misconception – I grew up in warm flats where you could walk around in underwear even when it was -30°C outside. And we had the right kind of outdoor clothing for when it was very cold. Living with windows from 1899 and no heating except for a coal oven (is that the correct english word?) is quite a big change. Peps was here last monday, she’s here next to me right now, too. In the evening, Johan and I went out to have dinner from Salsabil.

The kitchen view is at its best in winter time winter. Little snowmen everywhere.

Had forgotten about the lamp I found on the street a year ago and changed cord. I don’t know why it’s so satisfactory, have loved doing it since I was very little. I’m happy my dad taught me many things that were considered man stuff back in the 1980s.

Had pizza from Salami Social Club on one of my walks eating it with this view; Frankfurter Tor & the TV-Tower.

Frankfurter Allee, these buildings are from the 1950s. Hard to believe.

This one is from the late 1800s. Råraka, fried egg, salami, cheese, cucumber and a sauce I made but I can’t remember the ingredients anymore. Cottage Cheese, sour cream, garlic and some herbs & spices, I guess.

Peps spent a couple more days here last week.

And I found this plate which I couldn’t resist and I don’t know why. It’s both ugly and nice at the same time. No idea why it appeals to me.

Made mushroom soup and made the ugliest sandwiches ever, but so tasty I could eat it every day if it weren’t for them being way too heavy (lots of butter and the cheese Bavaria Blue). Did you know that Germany produces more cheese than France? I had no idea. And HELLO, look at that sign. It’s the most amazing spellings ever, I have to go back and take a better picture of it cause I want to frame it.

Carried up 80 kilos of coal and put the mushrooms Johan’s grandmother picked from their forest in this beautiful norwegian jar.

Peps and I walked to the dogpark to play with the ball and other dogs. A great dane stole the ball for a while, you should have seen Peps’s face, so offended. Got these candles at Rewe, that colour!

Friday night we ate this and watched a swedish gameshow. Saturday was hangover day and Charley was here, we ordered pizza from Zero Stress. The regular margherita is amazing.

See you! xo


  • Nick
    February 15, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Oh, how I miss Berlin! Thanks for these missives, Sandra.

    • Sandra
      February 15, 2021 at 2:30 pm

      Glad you like them!! xo

  • Thilda
    February 15, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    Lovely winter!! Lots of snow and cold! Thanks for lovely pics!! <3

  • Mims
    February 15, 2021 at 11:49 pm

    Stay warm! My husband went to grad school in Toronto and no heat in the bathroom either. He rigged up a small electric space heater on a timer set to go off 15 minutes before the alarm and that made the bathroom almost toasty…good enough for a shower. And I dont know what I like better: a kaputsino or those swedish mushrooms. We had snow here in Seattle and were able to cross country ski all over our neighborhood…until it got slushy and brown. I love a proper winter!


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