Week 9

Standardsandrafood is my hashtag on instagram when I upload pictures of a lot of simple food that I make. Passed by this pizza menu with a few typos that made me smile. To use a not so charming expression about what I used to be like: a spelling and grammar nazi. Nowadays I don’t care, as long as we understand each other, right? My macbook’s keyboard is crap when it comes to writing, heard the new one will be more alike the old ones. Not going to change my computer because of that obviously.

A beautiful jugend door at Gärtner Strasse.

Tuesday Johan and I took a walk to Alexanderplatz and back for him to replace his superbroken iPhone (a lot of apple ramling here, I’m not sponsored, fyi). Pasta with a ragu we found in the freezer, been cooking extra food lately, love to be stocked up with food for days when you don’t want to think, only eat. Burrata, I love you. These kalamata olives from Eurogida are the meatiest and most flavourful I ever had.

Peps came for a sleep-over, we had such an amazing time as always. I had her running until she was competely knackered and we spent the next day playing even more. She’s so grown-up now, more than 6 years. We’ve known each other since she was 0.

Been wanting a big rug for years and found this in the courtyard, but as suspected it had been invaded by moths, so it stayed there. In the evening it was Casablanca (Rigaer Strasse) time, I had a sandwich with halloumi and spinach. Only 2 thin slices of halloumi. Will stick to Salsabil (Grünberger Strasse).

I woke up at 5 on Thursday and wrote the morning pages I told you about, it has been really helpful for me already. Took a walk while it was still dark, am so happy to live in a place where I never have to be afraid of walking around on my own. I feel safer here than I did in Gothenburg.

The Boxi characteristic skyline isn’t what it used to be, the tree has died. Someone had decorated it nicely. I’ve been working on my Wrist Worms stash for next fall cause I don’t have much else to do work-wise at the moment and the house is full of skeins.

I made an aubergine/zucchini (squash, courgette) stew with fermented black beans and some rice and beans leftovers. And a fried egg. Decided to have a Q&A on my instagram story and someone asked me about my favourite book. I couldn’t decide so I chose to present the first 3 that came to mind. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and Samlade Verk by Lydia Sandberg (a Swedish book taking place in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Berlin and it’s so well written that I almost felt sad when I had finished it).

On Friday, Johan and I took a walk up to Nordkiez to go to FrischeParadies and buy something fancy for have for dinner. What are we celebrating? Johan asked. I said Because you are amazing and you work too much, so this is an evening of relaxation.

The geranium from Sardinia is looking forward to having its babies moving out on the balcony as soon as it’s warm enough and the staghorn fern had given up. Luckily I have resqued a baby from it about a year ago, you can see it to the far left below the geranium. It’s been staying alive even though I sometimes forgot to water it for a month.

At FrischeParadies we got skrei cod, which I had never had before (!), it was a m a z i n g with browned butter and lemon. Some kale and beautiful (pointless flavourwise) lettuce. Afterwards I went to see Charley who thought it was a great idea to wear my beret for hours.

Saturday Johan and I listened to music, talked and drew some stuff. It was great to let the hand move the way it wanted to without thinking too much which is something the morning pages already helped me with. Today I haven’t been up to a lot, been pretty sleepy. Started reading Stöld by Ann-Hélen Laestadius which is a story taking place up in the north, about the sami people and the reindeer herders (not only the same people take care of reindeers, my aunt does as well). The older I become, the more I realise how sick it is how the sami people and the minority I come from weren’t accepted by the rest of the society. I was always told that we were crap, that we didn’t have the same value as the rest of the Swedes and so on. I listened to FinnMix (a radio show in Finnish, Meänkieli and Swedish) yesterday and started to cry when I heard the language I grew up with but never really learned (meänkieli) and I realised I still remember all the words I actually did understand, I could understand the context of the conversations. It’s painful to know how much this has affected our self-esteem.

OK, see you next week! Thanks for reading.


  • Nick
    March 7, 2021 at 9:19 pm

    Your Berlin photos make me both sad and happy. Thank you.

    • Sandra
      March 9, 2021 at 9:54 am

      I love that! Thank you!!


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