Week 11

I’m continuing the routine of writing morning pages when I wake up with black coffee on the table. Then the walk and on mondays the weekly post straight after coming home from the walk. Yesterday I totally forgot about this post, was still a bit destroyed from Johan’s birthday party on saturday.

Started eating better last week, at least until hangover sunday. The light on monday evening was so yellow.

Johan joined me for a walk in the morning.

And Peps came over, we played fetch until she wanted to go home and rest.

Here I started to rant about people going on vacation during the pandemic, but… What is there to say? Just horrible.

Got a box of yarn for new buttcrack characters but I crocheted so much last week that my thumb got painful cracks that need to heal.

Cold, winter smelling mornings.

Yes yes yes.

Walked over to Kreuzberg to meet Allison for a vernissage, an outdoor one with 7 people.

We drank wine and went home to Johan Bon Jovi.

Colourful food & Peps was coming over to mine again. We saw a squirrel at Gr├╝nberger Strasse crossing the street and she went mad – never felt her so strong, I was flying after her.

I emptied my workspace the week before last, in a mad moment of rage. Afterwards I’m thankful for that energy, even if it was pretty rough. Friday night, Johan and I had the best night in a very long time – me going through my stuff, him doing his things – two introverts being in the same room in our own worlds. Will continue going through my stuff and organize shit.

On saturday it was time to celebrate Johan’s birthday (which was on sunday), Charley and I went to Boxi to find mushrooms and got flowers from my sister for the birthday person.

We hung out with Charley and his parents, having dinner & talked all night. Bubbles for everyone, happy birthday Johan! Ordered some food the next day and started watching the new High Fidelity series which I found so terribly boring that I fell asleep.


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