Week 14

The winter has been so long that both Johan and I thought these blossoms were fake. Had to look for a long time before realising they were actually real. Sichuan pepper is the meaning of life, do you like? I made an aubergine-something with rice for lunch.

This is what my calendar looks like, had to make a few months extra because I got a letter with an invitation to get the vaccine. Apparently I’m in a risk group because of BD (it’s so ironic that the region I come from is called BD). Will get the first shot in June and the second one in July. IT SNOWED.

Made Wrist Worms. This noodle packaging is so amazing, love the colour combo! They come from Taiwan, had never had them before and these are the kind of noodles I’ve been wanting for years without knowing it.

Peps came over to help me work.

I am stocking up for Fall and here is my side of the studio. I have hardly been there for 2 years because of neighbour trauma, I really don’t understand how people can be so selfish that they invade other people’s flats with their superloud music when you live in a house from 1899 with paper-thin walls. I’ve had people over who have told me they want Johan to take down the volume cause they couldn’t focus on doing interviews/photoshoots etc with me when it’s been the neighbour playing. After a lot of banging on the walls (made it quiet for 20 minutes until she started again), a few emails to the landlord and a meeting with her in person, it got much better last year. Phew. I actually spent time in only one of our rooms for ONE WHOLE year before it was over. The neighbour claimed it’s not healthy to listen to music on headphones. I went to the doctor who told me I had high blood pressure thanks to all the stress, like as if that was healthy. One time she and some friends were playing louder than usual, it sounded like they pressed the loudspeaker to the wall while screaming Are we too loud!! laughing. Thank you. OK enough about that.

Now that it’s getting warmer, I have moved my desk to the window and it’s amazing to write morning pages here, overlooking the boulevard outside.

Johan and I love cooking together just choosing whatever we want and mix it. Here is Johan’s makali, hummus from a client of his, my chickpea/red onion/mustard vinaigrette salad, cottage cheese/feta/chilli flakes/red onion condiment and aged goats cheese.

On friday I went to Allison’s studio for a photoshoot and of course I had to ruin her Russisch Brot text. Never had those cookies before, they tasted like burnt cotton candy, delicious.

Doggies! Are you a dog or cat person? I think you can guess what I am. Charley is obsessed with bananas and Peps came over to visit for a last time before she moved out to the countryside for the warm season. I already miss having her over.

Apparently someone had a fun (?) weekend. We had a slow sunday rewatching Night Manager eating pasta with 3 different cheeses. It somehow looks wrong to write cheeseS in plural, how do you write it?

Got a post with 2 abandoned houses in Sweden ready to share. Coming soon!


  • Jonna
    April 14, 2021 at 4:10 pm

    I love your week-posts! And yay, looking forward to the abandoned houses posts ^__^

  • Alina
    April 18, 2021 at 5:04 am

    I’m a cat person through and through. But I’m always happy to pet a dog.
    I feel your pain with the neighbour situation. What a nightmare. I hope you don’t have to struggle with this kind of stress any longer … It’s the worst. You want your home to feel like a safe space. Not in fear of if you are going to be able to relax or work. Got a similar situation with my neighbours and I know how important that feeling is.


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