Week 15

Hope you all had a nice weekend! You’ll see what mine was like for a few seconds at the end of this post. I started last week with a crochet marathon, decided it was time to take a little break from making Wrist Worms so I went all authistic about it. Took a walk with a beer in the paw in the evening and then it was tuesday, a day which continued like the monday.

The light in the evening was amazing and we shared a pizza which Johan said tasted like sausage broth, I thought it tasted like a pretty good frozen pizza which isn’t a good review for a fresh pizza. Ritrovo FTW.

Doing improvements at home, which you can’t see in this picture. Thinking of painting the bed-/livingroom. Stucco always pops so nicely with some colour on the wall. I see beige interiors all over the internet and it bores me so much, sorry! Favourite food: whatever from the fridge – this time: Red cabbage from a jar, tzatziki I made, bread with hummus, fried egg & fried zucchini/squash/courgette (I say zucchini (/zuˈkiːni/)).

Hands off Berlin!

Been walking extremely little this month, like – joke-little. Less than 4 kilometers per day. Usually at least 7.

Finished making Wrist Worms and felt so empty that I filled myself with wine. This is an old grave for a dog in our courtyard.

Cleaned in the evening and thought I should try this. One of the least clever things I’ve ever done. Went to Rewe to do some shopping late to avoid lots of people. Our supermarket is open 24/7 except on sundays. A late friday night isn’t the best time to go obviously.

Wrote morning pages in the evening, it took me many years to stop beating myself up if I didn’t do things “correct”. I’m very literal, which is extremely annoying. If I ask someone if we’re going to meet and they say maybe, I sit and wait until they let me know yes or no. If they don’t say anything, I wait until I go to bed. Am I a dog? I prefer a straight no instead of being left hanging, guess I’ve spent months of my life waiting for other people. It has to stop.

Saturday night in the studio, Johan is working so much, I haven’t had more than one paid project so far this year and it’s draining, but… Covid, we all know.

Window shopping on sunday morning. Mr Sandman, bring me a drink. Seriously, I thought those were the lyrics.

Worked on crocheting some nude buttcrack characters bodies yesterday and for lunch it was the usual; pasta with tomato sauce, this time with burrata. Today it’ll be with feta cheese instead. And the red wine I didn’t finish on friday, in the sauce that is, maybe some sage I dried. Lots of olive oil on top.

It’ll get warmer today, finally time to plant stuff on the balcony. Zucchini, chili, basil, lettuce & a flower called Miss Jekyll cause it’s cute and has a hilarious name (no idea if it will like it on the balcony though). Eventually there will be hops as well. I hardly have any idea of what I’m doing, which is fun.


  • Thilda
    April 19, 2021 at 9:40 am

    So nice photos again! 🙂

  • Kirsten
    April 19, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    I love your reflection photos, always.
    Covid is so strange, I’ve gotten the vaccine and my daughter will be done this week. We had people over for dinner. We go to the library, and the food co-op. Everybody is still so happy to see other people; I hope/think that will last.


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