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July 2019

It was a hot hot hot day and we worked at Bite Club, down at Arena in Alt-Treptow. Hot day turning into warm evening and a night of clubbing, sweating like crazy with friends, walking home, sunrise, us falling asleep together. The typical Berlin summer. This summer is going to be different, I’m going to stick my nose in books instead of my lips in beer.

We went to Sweden, Johan’s parents and Nestor drove up to the north to hang out with us. Elvis and Nestor did not become friends. Nestor was so angry with Elvis for swimming in the sea. At my mum’s house, we saw Nestor approaching Elvis’s water bowl, had a sip, looked at Elvis with bully eyes and BAM! Elvis attacked him, I saw my mum’s fear and tore the dogs apart, something you shouldn’t do, because they don’t know the difference between your arm and their enemy. It luckily went well. We packed our bags to go home and a few minutes before going to the airport, Johan looked at me and said Sandra, you really want to stay here with your family, right? Do it, I will go home and work. An act of love. I stayed for another week, best decision ever. Went around town on a bike, something I hadn’t done since 1999. Thank you Johan, thank you family.

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