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Elvis & Nestor on the beach

My previous post was about winter in Sweden. Let’s go back to last summer, when Johan’s parents drove up to LuleĆ„ with Nestor to spend a few days with us. It was beautiful to be all of us together. Maybe not for Elvis and Nestor, they didn’t really become BFF. Elvis 11 years old and Nestor still a kid.

We went to my dad’s summerhouse to have dinner together. Elvis looooves to swim, so we took the dogs down to the beach. Look at him, so happy. Nestor also tried to swim, but he was mostly jealous of Elvis being more brave so he was shouting (well, barking) at him like a maniac. Life experience you know.

We found a toy to throw in the water.

Guess he could be in water all summer if he was allowed. Sweet Elvis.

He had a fanclub. Look at Nestor, so upset. Cute.

Nestor is the fastest dog ever, like a rocket. Look at mum’s face.

Hmm… Something’s going on. Johan has disappeared!

BAM, he came running behind the dogs and straight into the water. They got so upset! JOHAN JOHAN you can’t do that! WOOOOF!

Get up you man! Would have loved to know what they were thinking.

A slow walk back to the summerhouse to have dinner. This summer will most likely be a summer only in Berlin, I don’t mind but will miss our families so much.

Working on the Q&A post, got a bit too ambitious and will pair the questions with adequate pictures, so I’m going through my massive archives. Hope you’ll like it.

And I have forgotten to update about the shop here, there are loads of buttcrack characters available and I’m working on even more of them. Thanks so much for your orders and support, means so much <3

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