Questions & Answers II

What is the biggest thing that has happened to you?
To love in several forms, both humans and dogs. To feel love hurts in a massively beautiful way. When I think of Elvis, I smile and cry at the same time.

Do you really feel that you’ll be different after… several months after…?
After the virus, after the Spring, after turning 42? I’m not sure I understand your question.

What advice would you give couples to make a long term relationship work?
Talk about everything. Say how you feel, what you want and need. Laugh together, clichés but they are true. Johan and I don’t really understand how we’ve made it this far, but we are both extremely stubborn and must love each other just way too much for our own good sometimes. A picture from our wedding day, looking so serious haha.

Would you share the story behind the buttcrack characters?
At university back in 2006, I wanted to make “ugly” toys, that’s how they were born. They should be guys you would want to hug even though they didn’t look overly cute. The one to the right is called Limpan and he was the second one out. The one to the right is Angryman. The first one + 2 other ones you can see here.

What are your incomes?
My online shop, photography for different clients, both for my instagram and other client work. Sometimes I do some graphic design, web design and illustration together with my husband + shoot pictures for his clients.

I would like to know if you remember when and what was your first photo when you felt proud of yourself?
This one, shot it in the Old Town in Stockholm in the late 90s or early 00s, I remember I thought it looked very romantic. It still does, I guess. It reminds me of when I had started blogging, first the blog was just text and then it started to lean more to pictures when I got my first digital camera. This is shot with my ex-husband’s Canon 100 SLR.

Was it hard to move to Berlin? You knew the language fairly well, I seem to remember. Aside from being away from your family, what’s the hardest? What’s the best? Well, obviously Berlin, but aside from that?
It wasn’t hard to move here, the hard part started when we were already here – as spoiled Swedes, we had never heard about health insurance and this came as a shock. All the money we had planned to use for fun things, went to health insurance, so we have been under a lot of financial stress since moving here. If we’d known about this, we wouldn’t have taken the step to move. Of course, I’m glad we didn’t know – it’s worth the stress somehow to be in a place we both really want to be. I moved away from my family in 1999, so that didn’t really change. The best thing is living in this beautiful, huge apartment together with Johan and the wonderful friends we’ve made through the years. I miss fika with Camilla and fresh fish & seafood. In the picture are a couple of our many Greek friends, Yannis & Dimitra.

Why did you choose to move to Berlin and not any other European city?
Johan and I used to go to Berlin at least once a year and one day we looked at each other and said Why do we go back to Gothenburg, when this is where we want to be? So we started planning for the move. This is a picture from the evening when we had found this shit hole, fallen deeply in love and saw all the potential. The problem was: coal heating (even the shower had coal heating). Johan thought it would be too much work, especially for this madame who always lived in apartments with central heating. We were at restaurant Altes Europa in Mitte and started to talking to the guy who was tending the bar and he said he had lived with coal heating for years and years, according to him it wasn’t a problem at all (ok, let’s not get started on the environmental problems, we can’t do anything about it) – so we ordered a bottle of cava and decided we would take the flat. No one else wanted it, it had been empty for a long long time.

How has your relationship to Berlin changed over the years?
In the beginning, I was all over the place, doing the things I used to do as a tourist. These days I move around mostly in my own neighbourhood (extra more now with the covid-19), it might take weeks before I’m in another hood (sometimes months and I’m shocked when I see the rapid changes). I enjoy everyday life in Friedrichshain and sometimes it feels like I live in a small village, with Berlin’s second busiest street outside. Weekends are for Boxi; saturdays it’s farmers market & sundays there is a fleamarket.

Do you miss Sweden? Do you think you’ll ever move back to Sweden?
I don’t miss Sweden and the Swedes, but I miss my families of course. And the sea. After being away for so many years, I see my old country in a different way and it makes me pretty uncomfortable and I can’t see myself living there again, but you never know. Gothenburg is still special and it would be so much fun to go back and visit, haven’t been since we moved which is crazy. This picture is from 2010, I miss that jacket so much. Wish I had kept it when it fell apart, to cut out the pieces to make a pattern of it.

My favourite place was definitely Gothenburg – what do you like best about the city?
I love how kind, relaxed and open people are (pretty much less stiff & career oriented than in Stockholm), I haven’t been there for almost 10 years now, but I really loved living in Gothenburg and would probably want to live there again if I ever moved back to Sweden. There is the sea, the seafood, the rain, the beautiful architecture, 2 of my best friends, hills, great cafés, being close to the rest of Europe).

To which countries would you like to travel?
So many, so so many. Johan and I haven’t travelled (apart from work or invitations by family members) since 2013. First places that come to mind are Hamburg, Dresden, Frankfurt again – to travel around in Germany and discover more of the country I live in. But I can’t answer Germany to this question, can I? I would love to go back to Cuglieri, Sardinia, Italy and rent a house for a couple of months and work on a project or two together with Johan. A plan we’ve had is to go to the second largest cities in different European countries; Marseilles, Porto and so on.

If you could go anywhere in the world after the confinement, where would it be and why?
To Johan’s parents greenhouse, haven’t been there for almost 2 years now and it’s the most peaceful place I know. And up to the north to my family of course. Like I said in the previous answer, I would love to see so many places. The picture is from Paris, in May 2013.

If you had a doggie, what breed would it be?
A mixed breed, preferably from a shelter. I’m not very interested in paying a lot of money for a dog just because it is a “proper” breed. Also, I don’t want a flat nose dog, feel so sorry for them.

Question, you seem to like dogs so much, would you and Johan ever get one?
Sometime in the future, I want to be sure that I can afford having a dog and give it a good life. Not sure if it would be happy in a flat on the 3rd floor in a big city, BUT I do walk a lot, so it would get a lot of exersise and in Berlin you can bring your dog to a lot of places, cafés, restaurants etc.

Do you miss going out for coffee? I do A LOT. Do you make coffee at home?
I miss it so much, was so happy to stumble upon my favourite place the other day and they were open for take away. Also, my friends café Tucker was open last weekend, so we could have a flat white in the sun. Was like drinking a Veuve Cliquot. I make coffee at home, cheap supermarket coffee in a chemex, does the trick even though it’s not the tastiest coffee.

Are you happy with how your government have handled the crisis?
I guess I am, seeing how few people here have died compared to other countries, but I have very little knowledge in politics so it’s hard to have a proper opinion.

What weather do you like more?
It depends, I really love thunderstorms, I love heavy snowfall and rain, I love bright sun in Spring and Fall. I dislike hot temperatures when my brain stop working. The weather in the picture is wonderful if you can stay inside and just watch it.

In an alternative life/time, who would you like to be?
Myself as more outgoing person (sorry if I sound completely narcissistic, but I don’t have any role models, never did), taking what I want and not being afraid of creating things even though they would come out more or less braindead (writing, painting etc). Gonna work on becoming that version of myself, thank goodness for getting older. I think my medicine also helps in this process, I would have never posted these pictures of myself before as I look completely maniac. I want to show more of myself, also here, cause it’s what the people close to me both love and hate about me. It’s who I am.

Thank you for sending those questions, they were fun to answer and I hope you enjoyed reading.


    April 21, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    Surprisingly, I have realized we have a lot of things in common: I think the same about having a dog, about Berlin, about cities that you plan to visit (I have lived in Porto Several years by the way), about coffee..
    When I say surprisingly, It means that we have a very different background!

    Take care Sandra,

    • Sandra
      April 25, 2020 at 9:39 am

      So nice to read your words, Elena.
      Now I want to go to Porto even more <3

  • Robin
    April 21, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    Thank you for sharing. I love your eye for beauty. We both enjoy beautiful things – food, coffee, dogs, trees, travel, good cocktails, snuggling, beautiful architecture, and I am so grateful you take photos of all of it and share your mind. Berlin is such a beautiful city. I am from the Southwest US, so old buildings, prewar, postwar are very exotic to me. I am just fascinated and hope to visit someday so I can see all of the history.

    • Sandra
      April 25, 2020 at 9:39 am

      Oh hope you can come over, Berlin has so much history that it’s almost overwhelming. Thanks for your kind words, Robin <3


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