Time travel

On this day 2004-2020

2004 – I lived with my ex in the center of Gothenburg. Loved this marble window sill in the kitchen. This kitchen is where I learned how to cook better, following recipes and inviting my ex’s sister and her husband over. Such nice dinners. It’s strange (and fully normal I guess) how you lose contact with everyone because of a divorce. Knew them for 9 years, which is quite a long time when you’re 17-26 years old. Hope they are all doing well.

2005 we had just divorced and I moved into a sublet flat, was madly in love with Johan and we had a few months of hanging out but not being together as a couple. Was a wonderful and difficult sommer. Went through my old stuff and found this from my Latin teacher. Worried about her behaviour, she’s agitated in class, escapism. Hello, bipolar Sandra. No one talked about mental illness back then, around 1996-1997. A few teachers took me aside to ask how I was feeling and I was like well all good.

2006 I was at home in Gothenburg, probably this is shot close to the yarn store where I used to go.

2007 we hung out at Pustervik, I think we had bloodorange soda. This was before we drank coffee, I think?

2008, a lovely view in Gothenburg up by the church in Masthugget. Extra lovely with this person in front of us.

2009 Johan had marinated some zucchini, avocado and red onion, I had it with eggs the way I want them boiled and some sauce.

2010 we were in Berlin to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Cooling bubbles this way isn’t very effective without icecubes, hm.

2011 we had moved to the flat where we live now. Almost 3 times bigger than our tiny one room flat in Gothenburg. I’m still not used to how big it is, never lived in a place this big, not even with my parents and sister.

2012 Johan was working in Primitiv Bar on Simon-Dach-Strasse and I went to visit him.

2013 we were in Paris, I love almond croissants so much. Hard to find as good ones in Berlin, unless you go to Lafayette.

2014 I went to Schönefeld to pick up mum, Thomas, Thomas’s brother and his lady Märit. They were here to celebrate Thomas’s 60th birthday. Was a success.

2015 we were at Silo for tasty coffee.

2016 we had just come home from a party with our friends. Had a very fun night and walked home early in the morning and took this ridiculous photo on a bench where we were drinking beer, watching a neighbour dog playing with her ball.

2017 I was hanging out on the balcony with Johan’s concrete sailor. He’s been standing there since we moved in and has lost his ears.

2018 we had lunch at Hangmee, now I want their food. Haven’t had this kind of food since before the fucking virus.

2019 Elvis was in my life. We went up to take care of him while mum and Thomas went to Spain for a week. We really got to know eachother so well, love it when he walks into the bedroom and bark-screams in your face to tell you to wake up. That old man has a very deep voice.

2020 right now. Waiting for Johan to wake up so we can drink coffee together. Right here at this table. I had coffee in a café for the first time the other day with my friend Tenia, it was amazing. At home I mostly drink cheap black supermarket coffee, so I look forward to having more decent cups, like a proper flat white.

Do you enjoy this time travel? It’s fun to go through the archives. Got myself an extended harddrive where everything is stored, well organized.


    May 22, 2020 at 7:43 pm

    Hi Sandra! I loved it. In 2004 I was 18. So, I am 34 now.

    I usually buy cheap supermarket coffee too and sometimes not that cheap but my coffeemaker is not good at all… and of course I MISS espresso outside.

    Have a nice weekend!

    • Sandra
      May 24, 2020 at 8:30 am

      Hope you’ll have an espresso outside soon, I’ve been lucky to have a few on saturdays at the local farmers market during the lockdown.
      Wish you a nice Sunday, xo


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